Learn Thetranslation Of The Quran In English Or Urdu With Tafheemul Quran Online Academy


The Holy Quran was revealed upon Hazarat Muhammad S.A.W in Makkah. In that region, people we used to speaking classical Arabic language. That’s why Allah revealed the Quran in Arabic language for their understanding. But as the people started to inhabit in different parts of the world, new languages were born. Moreover, the classical Arabic language went through many amendments. Hence, it became difficult for non-Arabic natives to learn and understand the Quran. For this reason, the scholars of Islam started translating the Quran into regional languages.

The manuscript of the Quran is revealed for the betterment of mankind. It is full of precious information about every aspect of life. Even you can solve your modern-day problems by consulting the Quran. You can only understand it when you learn the Quran in your local language. Moreover, it is the spiritual duty of Muslims to read and understand the Quran.

The online Quran learning platforms have helped people around the globe to learn the Quran with the experienced scholars of the world. The Quran has served a life serving purpose and delivers positivity among dull and hopeless souls. It is only possible when you comprehend the right meaning of the verses.

Dhikr and Dua these two parameters bring you closer to Allah. Allah has promised to bless those persons with blessings and goodness. When we start learning the verses, new frontiers open in front of us. The knowledge of Ayaat makes us astound and compels us to ponder over the directions of Allah. Every verse of the Quran has a concealed meaning.

As far as the translation of the Quran is concerned, it is necessary to learn the basics of Arabic language. The online Quran translation with English and Urdu has been focused to start with Arabic grammar to learn Arabic language. This language is very diverse. Even zeer, zabr, shad, paish, or consonants change the meaning of the same word. It develops a diverse range of meanings and understanding.

As compared to conventional means of learning, e-learning saves your time and money. You do not waste time and money by going to a mosque in your car or by us. However, you need a strong internet connection for a smooth face-to-face class session. During online classes, the teacher can directly focus on the student.

The online Quran translation in English and Urduimproves the understanding level of learners. The word to word translation makes easy to absorb meanings of the verses. Likewise, it is imperative to learn the basic etiquettes, Islamic history, and aqaaida of Islam to develop in-depth understanding.

The online Quran learning academies have professional Quran teachers that refer to authentic books of Hadith and Islamic history to develop a multi-directional approach. Every day the students are given homework to strengthen their grip on Arabic language.

Hence, reading the Quran with translation makes you humble and develops a deeper understanding of Islam. When you understand the teachings of the Quran, you started to apply it in your life. You submit yourself to Allah according to His guidelines.


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