Latest Email Marketing Trends You Should Look For

Email Marketing Trends

With the advancement in technology, email marketing is gaining more traction across the globe. Although digital marketing is what all the companies are utilizing, email marketing is still alive. This marketing strategy has the potential to reach millions of people. In order to get successful, email marketing cannot be ignored. However, to get better results, you can customize email marketing for your customers. Today, several email marketing trends have emerged that are helping companies boost their revenues. In this article, we will talk about 10 trends that will take email marketing to the next level.

10 Email Marketing Trends To Look For In 2020

Until now, there are more than 2 billion individuals who are using some form of email service. However, you can secure a fraction of them through your email marketing campaigns. When social media networks were not there, email was the largest and most common method of communication. The list below tells all the trends that could get great results for you.  

1. Use Dark Themes

You can expect better performance if you apply dark themes in your email marketing. Almost every company is using them as they leave a strong impression on the targeted customers. Dark themes are good for a computers’ battery life, and they are also suitable for people who might have problems with sharp colors.

2. Use 3D Designs

Using some innovative 3D graphics will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. From the time 3D designs gained traction, companies are exploring new ways to employ them. Be it in logo design, banners, and other advertisements. However, you can use 3D designs in your emails instead of simple designs.

3. Use Isometric Designs

Using 3D graphics might seem to be a bit troublesome for some users. In addition, 3D graphics could be time-consuming most of the time. Such users can still use 3D designs made in 30-degree angles. They can clearly showcase all products and services with isometric designs. Also, isometric designs do not consume computer resources.


APNG is an extension of the PNG image format. It became popular due to the ability to support animations. At the latest, APNG is getting better than traditional GIFs. Animations can be a good way to attract young subscribers to your platform in a short time. Also, your email marketing campaign can go viral with such high-quality images.

5. Be As Minimal As Possible

When the idea of minimalism came, it brought a whole new visual experience to the people. Complexity can sometimes worsen the situation. On the other hand, emails which display a simple artwork with innovation can prove to be fruitful for your email marketing service.

6. Use Typography

Typography is an art in itself. With such an art, your words can speak about your business in an effective way. When words take the form of images, you can have an edge over your rivals. Delivering some creativity with your typography will be better than buying some web fonts for your email content.

7. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

AMP is a recent trend in mobile technology. Your email body can contain several elements by using these interactive pages. Using AMP, your subscribers will initiate their actions without redirecting to your website. Also, you will see a massive boost in web traffic while using AMP.

8. The Power of Automation

Automation is being used in almost every industry we see today. AI is one of the most recent trends that are ready to take the entire world by a storm. You can send a bulk of emails by automating the entire process and scheduling them from time to time. Also, other important tasks could be performed by using an automated system for emails.

9. Using Cross-Channel

Email marketing has been and will always remain a popular channel for marketing professionals. When all such channels are synchronized according to your subscribers, you can observe a quick surge in your email marketing performance. As a result, your brand awareness could improve drastically.

10. Smartphones

Some marketing researches have shown over 50 percent of emails were opened on mobile devices for the past few years. Thus, you can optimize your emails for Android and smartphones. With your emails compatible with these devices, messages will load in a few seconds.


Email marketing is one of the best parts of digital marketing. The email marketing trends I have discussed above are ready to heighten user experience in the future. Most of these trends are just to improve the look and feel of your email structure. People get bored if they see the plain and simple messages delivered to their inbox. Especially, in the case when you are marketing your products or services, these trends should not be ignored. Business owners can take the help of email marketing companies if they remain busy in other marketing strategies. Finally, email marketing can keep your performance up from time to time.



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