Lash extensions and oil-based products

Eyelash extensions and oil: facts Eyelash extensions and oil are a complicated mix. From cleansers to conditioners to moisturizers to serums, oil-based beauty products are absolutely everywhere these days. If you are addicted to lashes, this is a tough tendency to negotiate: on the one hand, oil products promise you a world of amazing skin, but on the other hand, oil is the biggest enemy of eyelash extensions. We have heard many customers ask about handling oil-based beauty products and their love of xtreme lashes, so here is a helpful guide to answering some of their burning questions. What does oil do with eyelash extensions? In essence, the oil causes a war within your extensions: the semi-permanent glue struggles to keep the extension properly attached to your natural lash while the oil attacks and dissolves it. Unfortunately, oil tends to be stronger than lash glue on most occasions, causing dramatic outages with just one application, leaving you waking up from your oil-based nightly routine with plenty of extensions. Of eyelashes on your pillow. Tragedy! This interaction is why you can often afford to remove eyelash extensions at home with coconut oil or jojoba oil. Still, we recommend consulting a professional to get it removed, as proper assessment and gentle lash handling are always better than removal at home. How do I know my products are oil based? Check your ingredient list. We recommend this for every product you buy (beauty related or not) as there are many ways to introduce additional ingredients into a product. Any oil (eg rosehip, sunflower, jojoba, argan, squalane, etc.) on the list clearly refers to this product to the oil category, but also buzzwords like glycerin, petroleum jelly and mineral oil. In case of doubt, Lady Lash offers many great oil-free options. Can I continue to use my oily facial cleanser with eyelash extensions? If you are determined to stick to your oil-based Holy Grail, just prepare to get there long, long before the fillings. Instead, a minor maintenance treatment may be suitable for oil lovers; Lash lift is a good option here as you can use any product on your face after only 24 hours. What happens if I avoid my eyes while using the product? It is quite difficult to avoid the eyes when using oil-based products; If the product is liquid, it is easy for it to come into contact with the eyes at any time during the process, especially when you wash it! Oil-based night creams are another difficult one, as your lashes are in contact with the product for several hours while you sleep. Like the above, we recommend that you plan your fillers closer together if you continue to use greasy facial products. I heard that castor oil is great for conditioning lashes. Is it true? Although no scientific studies have proven its effectiveness, pure castor oil has been used for centuries as an eyelash enhancer. The fatty acids it contains are said to nourish hair growth. If you regularly use castor oil on bare eyelashes and would like to try eyelash extensions, we recommend that you inform our receptionists when you order and refrain from using the oil a few days before your appointment. This will ensure that there is no oil left on the natural lashes, giving the extenders the best chance of tying and holding!


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