8 Noteworthy Tips to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Laptop Battery

Is there anything more important than your laptop’s battery life? Maybe oxygen, food, and some other things. But when you are always working on the move or have one of those days where you are in a hurry and forget your AC adapter, your laptop’s battery life is life.

Batteries for laptops power your computer when it is not plugged into an AC Adapter. If you want to work at different places without a cord, you will have to depend on your laptop battery. With the passage of time, the battery life tends to reduce and you eventually need a battery replacement. Modern laptops’ batteries are considerably more powerful than ever before, and thanks to progressions in mobile technology, they’re also more efficient as well, giving them ever better battery lives.

On the other hand, they still need to be plugged in throughout the day.  While the laptop battery life is a major cause of mobile device complaints, it’s likely to get considerable improvements by good practice and a few software tweaks. To help you get a better longer laptop battery life, here are 7 easy ways to improve it.

Dim your laptop screen

The screen is one of the most energy-consuming parts of the laptop. It takes great amounts of battery power to keep your display looking bright and clear. Saving this power is simply a question of turning the brightness low. Your laptop screen brightness button is normally located as the second function of one of the F keys and is symbolized by a little sun sign with up and down icons. To use it, all you just need to do is hold down the correct function key and then choose up or down you adjust screen brightness.

Battery care

A lithium-Ion battery doesn’t need a complete discharge (at variance with popular belief) but also you should use a battery once you have charged it. If you have an extra laptop battery or any of battery replacement available then you keep topped up, use that instead of your main regularly.

Switch off Wi-Fi

One of the major battery consuming thing is the wireless networking capabilities built into all the laptops. Wi-Fi drains the battery by continuously drawing power from the laptop battery and when not connected it always search for networks.

When you are using your laptop away from the grid, the possibility is you are away from wireless networks, so you can turn this function off. Many laptops brands have given the WiFi function button that enables you to manually turn off the wireless adaptor to save yourself unnecessary waste, but some laptops often don’t have this option. If this is the case, open up the Notification Center from the taskbar, and click on ‘Wi-Fi’ to turn it off.

Eject your disc drives

There is a disc spinning in the CD writer then it will be a huge drain on resources, and many programs mostly do this. Simply eject your disc before you switch to battery power to increase vital extra minutes from your working day. The modern laptops don’t come with any type of disc drives installed these days, but if yours does, it’s worth keeping your disk drive empty when you’re on the move.

Change power settings

Windows 10 is the best-operating systems and it comes with some great power features, which enable you to draw out the best performance when you are plugged into the mains, and optimize your laptop battery life when on the move.  Simply type ‘power options’ in the Start menu box and select ‘Power saver’ from the given list. Moreover, there are plenty of methods available in Windows 10 for saving battery life. These include the main settings for powering off the monitor and going into sleep mode more quickly.

Turn off peripherals

Using USB peripherals can easily consume the battery on your system, because your motherboard has to power them, so unplugging these things can also save battery. USB sticks, your mouse, and webcams are common offenders, so copy all your information through and eject your devices the moment possible, and create with laptop trackpads over your USB mouse.

Disable features

Windows 10 has some useful built-in features, but some of them put demands on your system that are not really necessary when working on the move. Take the simple measure of turning off extra graphical effects when you are working on an important project to make your laptop more efficient.

Invest in some hardware

Good practice can go some means to prolonging your battery life, but if you need to use your laptop all through your working day, you are going to need some help. Almost all the laptops come with a six-cell battery, but many manufacturers also offer nine or even 12-cell optional upgrades, which can extend battery power and gives you extra hours. You can easily have battery replacement from your local electronic market or purchase online directly.


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