KVPY Examination – A Complete Preparation Strategy


The KVPY exam pattern online is very readily available for all the candidates. KVPY is an acronym for Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana and is considered to be a very prestigious scholarship program to nurture the young talent. The Department of science and technology conducts this particular examination, the government of India. These kinds of examinations are conducted at three main levels which are mentioned as follows:

-KVPY SA exam is conducted for the class 11th students

-KVPY SX exam is conducted for class 12th students

-KVPY SB exam is conducted for first-year students who are from the courses called BSc, BS, integrated 5 years MSc and integrated 5 years MS

Following are some of the tips to score well in KPVY:

– There should be an alignment between the preparation of the JEE and KPVY: Most of the candidates appear for both the exams, and this is the main reason there should be an alignment between both of them. Several similar concepts have to be applied to the questions. Ultimately it will also help in the preparation of other competitive exams.

-Scheduling the subject wise preparation: Strong problem-solving skills are required for the appearance in all such exams. The proper mastery over the subjects like physics, chemistry and math should be there to achieve success in this particular exam. The concept will help in qualifying for each of the section.

-Solving the previous year papers: To get a very fair idea of the whole thing, it is very much important to solve all the previous year papers. It will also help in giving insights about the pattern of the exam and will also help in analyzing the difficulty level. There should be a proper time and sincere devotion, and for this purpose, one must go with the option of solving one paper at least per week.

-Referring to the right books: NCERT books are considered to be the best possible way of developing the command over the subject. There are several kinds of reference books which have to be followed to achieve success in this particular exam.

-Maintaining the notebook for the formulas: It is very much important for all the candidates to maintain a notebook for formulas and theorems so that one can also revise the things side by side. This concept will be very much helpful during the revision time. It will also help to ensure the accessibility of the right material at the right place and at the right time. There will be no worry to go through heavy textbooks at the last moment.


The candidates should also have a good idea about the interview concept so that they are very much confident in the interview. The candidates should also focus on increasing their scientific knowledge. For this purpose, they can go with the option of attending science fairs and online lectures. Hence, KVPY exam pattern should be very well understood by the candidates so that they can have an idea of the overall thing. Following the tips as mentioned above will help in achieving the success in this exam.


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