Kratom Strains – Best Option for Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment

We live in an environment that imposes countless tensions on our heads. People have worries about finances, education, broken relationships and other areas as well. Being worried on a continuous scale leads to depression and anxiety. These mental problems can hamper the health of any individual. In worst cases, people commit suicide as well.

Consumption of anti-depressants is a temporary solution. It is quick but stays effective for a short while only. Once you start taking them, there would be a sense of addiction developed after a short span. On the other hand, consumption of kratom strains is a natural remedy to combat depression and anxiety. The effect is slow but the problem is combated forever.

Kratom strains do not pose addiction

If you talk to a depression patient, he would most likely give an opinion in favor of anti-depressants and pills. The reason being that it provides quick relief. Once you take a pill, your situation would move towards normality in minutes. Again, this is a temporary solution and you would be addicted towards these pills for the rest of your life.

Kratom strains are completely natural so the question of side effects does not rise. They do not get rid of anxiety or depression in minutes. However, regular consumption helps you in eradicating the problem for ever. As compared to medical drugs, it does not have any addictive effect on a person.

• Depression is a chronic problem. In other words, it does not fade away in one go. You need to treat if regularly to get rid of it. Considering this, the use of kratom strains seem quite suitable. The use is completely natural and does not lead to any kind of medical problems.

Which strains work well for anxiety?

There are a variety of kratom strains available but some of them are purely meant for treatment of anxiety. Here are the options you should take into consideration.

1. Borneo strains

This is one of the most common categories of strains used to treat stress and anxiety. Even though the level of effectiveness is quite amazing, the dosage level has to be monitored. The reason being that it includes a high level of sedation. Hence, for people above 45, the dosage has to be adjusted

Like other categories of kratom strains, no negative effects are experienced by people who eat it. For anxiety and depression, it is surely one of the purest options. People who face anxiety also have insomnia. Due to stress, they are unable to sleep properly at night. Borneo strains help in improving sleep patterns as well.

2. Indo Strains

When you talk about Indo Strains, they are the lighter form of Borneo. The level of sedation is low which means that you would not feel very sleep after having it. The dosage can be slightly higher than Borneo. Due to the lighter impact, it is more suitable for aged people.

In terms of the time for which the effect exists, it lasts for a long time. No adverse effects are experienced due to its consumption.


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