Know What Makes Your Vaping Device Turn Hot And How To Fix It


Be it a beginner or an experienced vaper, it is quite natural to face problems when vaping. Many times people are not aware of how to vape properly and that is why they are not being able to enjoy vaping like others. Sometimes, the problem is not in the way you vape, but the problem occurs in your vaping device. This is why we ask people to buy a quality vaping kit. But what if we tell you that despite buying a good vaping device, one can still face some problems related to vaping.


Here, we are going to talk about one such problem that many people face when vaping and that is the vape getting too hot. This may seem like a joke to many of you, as we all know that our vapes should be hot only so that they can make vapours. But when your vape is extremely hot that you feel like touching a hot cloth iron when holding your vape pen, this means there is a problem. Here, we are going to help you know what makes your vape go hot up to this extent and how to fix it.


Gunk around the Coil


This is a common problem which most people face when vaping. No matter how good quality vaping device or coil you are using, you will face this issue while vaping. Your coil will get surrounded by gunk and due to this the vape liquid will not wick up easily and you will not get enough vapours. This result in continuous overheating of the coil and you will end up getting dry vape.


If you want your coil to work perfectly, then we suggest that do clean the gunk that is formed all around the coil. By cleaning your coil, you will be able to use it for some more time. Otherwise, you will have to invest in buying a new coil. Check if the old coil is in a good condition after cleaning the gunk or not.


Chain Vaping


Whether you vape occasionally or you vape regularly, you must be aware of the fact that vaping turns your coil hot. The vaping kit is made using the insulating material and that is why we do not feel it getting too hot. But you should know that the more you will vape in continuation, the more your coil will get hot. Sometimes, the temperature of the coil gets higher than 300 degree Celsius also, which is extremely hot. This usually happens in the case of Chain Vaping. Because, when you do chain vaping, your coil doesn’t get enough time for cooling down. This leads to an increase in temperature and it will make your vaping device feel hot.


The only solution to this problem is that even when you are doing chain vaping; do take a break of 10 to 15 minutes. This will help in providing a cooling time to your coil and your vaping device will not turn hot.


Some people also believe that vaping device can turn hot due to the batteries also. But that happens rarely, and it won’t make your vaping device turn hot that easily. So, be careful when next time you feel that your vaping device has turned hot.


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