Know the Parts of a Cowboy Boot


Did you believe that cowboy boots are only for people who ride horses? If you did so, you are wrong.

Many people have never ridden horses, but they put on cowboy boots. These boots are for everyone.x

The beauty of owning a pair of cowboy boots is that you can put on any stylish outfit with them. You can wear a pair of cowboy boots with a simple button-down shirt and jeans or any other dress you like. The boots will match all of them. The boot’s height, toe shape, heel height, and overall style make them the focus of your appearance.

But, before you eventually purchase a pair of cowboy boots, it will help you make some efforts to understand various parts of the boots:

Pull Straps

difference between cowboy boots and work boots infographic

Boot pull straps are present on the upper portion of cowboy boots. But these are not universal as there are boots without pull straps but with holes in place of the straps. Whether straps or holes, they help you while pulling the boot on.


Stitching that you will find all over the boot is for styling and decorative purposes. Stitching is done on boots to support and assist them in holding up. It prevents the boots from sagging over.


The upper part of the boot is the shaft. It protects the ankle and lower leg. The length of the shaft can vary depending on the boot style.

Heel and Toe Box

You will find two boxes on the lower part of cowboy boots–the heel and toe boxes. Both of them give the boot its characteristic shape.


The vamp lies on the front part of the boot, at the top part. It is also the toughest part of the boot, as the area is prone to a lot of bending. The vamp always has stitching on it to strengthen it.


You will find heels of cowboy boots in all shapes and sizes. They depend on the function of the boot. Most cowboy boots bear a heel height that ranges from 1 to 2 inches.

Outer Soles

The outer sole is that part of the boot that gets direct contact with the ground. You can also replace the outer soles when necessary. As a matter of practice, you can take the boots to a cobbler whenever the soles wear down or develop holes.

Conditioning Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots do not come cheap. You need to condition them properly so that they last long. So you should clean and condition your boots quite often.

To clean your boots, use a dry cloth or rag rub your cowboy boots’ surface to remove all dirt particles that sit on the surface.

 After you finish cleaning your boots, apply a conditioner to your cowboy boots so that the leather can maintain moisture. The boots will remain soft.

There are also chances of you getting confused about whether to purchase a cowboy boot or work boot. To beat your confusion, you need to know the difference.

Refer to the infographic in this post to know the difference between a cowboy and work boots.


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