Know About The Principles Of Vastu


If you want to have an offbeat career and again if you want to do something which creates value and adds to happiness to people then you can learn vastu shastra. Perhaps many of you may want to learn vastu shastra so that you could decorate your house in that way and maintain the tranquility in your house or maybe it’s due to professional purposes. You can go for online mode of learning about vastu or you can attend two to three days of workshop vastu classes regarding the principles.

How do workshops help in learning vastu shastras?

In the classes first you will be taught about the basis of Vaastu Shastra; significance of various shapes and types of plots and selection of proper plots; procedures of using magnetic compass; in case the premise is not suitable for the individual you can learn the solutions in the classes. You can also have the knowledge of the 5 elements theory by meditation and other activities and the link with different directions like north, north east, south west etc. You will learn about the consequences of selection rooms, placing objects in different situations. The most beautiful part is you can have household elements as your desired remedy. Now the most important part is to create a layout for the plot or the house. Colour therapy is also beneficial to learn. Finally, there will be practical layout examination which will certify you in this field.

The thrust of the course lies in learning three-dimensional approach of vastu shastra. The first one is the gross level which teaches to place the interiors and balance the house according to the vastu shastra. The second dimension is the subtle level of vastu learning where you know how to connect the house with divine energies of the whole macrocosm. The third dimension is the subconscious level where you are trained to feel the subconsciousness vibration of the building and how it’s affecting on people’s mind

Some effects of online vastu classes

There are various features which you will learn in online classes. You will have knowledge about dream home model type model where you could sow the motive of dream home with exercise, meditation in the house, ways to link the house with the dream life and in what ways the house influences our emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Another subtopic is to configurate your house in different directions. It means how direction affects you, effects of living room, kitchen, bathroom in various directions, the conflict places of the residence, secret of continuous health issues, losses in finance, academic problems etc. You will also learn to provide remedy to solve the issues.

You will come to know that there is vastu principles which will suggest you to place your television, sofa, refrigerator and other essential things in the directions which will bring luck and prosperity to the house.

 You will avail the remedies in context to which entrances have positive and negative influences, the right way in which the kitchen should face. In this way you will come to know various details of the vastu shastra which will help your and other people to move in a positive direction.


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