Key Elements To Consider When Installing A Paint Mixing Facility


Paint mixing rooms are an essential component of the manufacturing finishing process.If you are involved in the manufacture or finishing of products that need a quality look and feel, a paint mixing room will be integral to your operations. These facilities provide a controlled environment to mix paints and keep out all sorts of contamination such as dust, and debris out of the paints. If you are looking at installing or upgrading a paint mixing facility, there are some important considerations that you must take into account.

  1. Operator health and safety

In any process or facility design, operator health and safety must be the first factor accounted for. In the case of a paint mixing facility, the combination of highly flammable liquids and solvents along with toxic fumes, in a confined environment, requires careful attention to design and the incorporation of safety features to remove any potential sources of employee harm. This includes ensuring that the ventilation system is appropriate and potential sources of ignition eliminated.

  1. Quality control

Dust, dirt, moisture and other potential contaminants are the enemy of quality paint finishes. It is absolutely critical that your paint mixing facility is manufactured, installed and operated in order to remove the potential for unwanted contamination which will negatively affect the quality of the final product.

Equally important from a quality control perspective is ensuring that the consistency and reliability of the mixed product, with respect to colour, finish quality and type of paint are managed to ensure a quality outcome every time an item leaves the painting booth. This is likely to also require a level of automation and process control to guarantee consistent quality.

  1. Customisation

Every facility is different, whether it’s related to site configuration, the nature of the products being painted or any other unique characteristics of the manufacturing process. That means that to get the best outcome you will probably want to have a custom designed and installed paint mixing facility that meets your specific and unique needs and delivers the best outcomes with respect to process flow.

  1. Compliance with standards and legal requirements

There are a range of standards and regulations that apply to the storage, use and application of paint finishes in Australia. Companies have an obligation to ensure that they know what these standards are and that they are applied correctly and in compliance relevant to the particular industry sector.

  1. Efficiency and productivity

Like any part of the manufacturing process, it is essential that paint mixing facilities can be operated in an efficient manner which maintains or improve manufacturing productivity. Whether it relates to design configuration, flow of inputs and outputs, ergonomic design to facilitate labour efficiencies or storage and movement of paint inputs, efficiency and productivity are critical design considerations.

DRYSYS Spray-Cureis one of the leading manufacturers of Standards compliant paint mix rooms. As specialists in designing and manufacturing bespoke and standard paint booth mixing rooms – we offer paint mix rooms that fit into your requirements and are compliant with your industry’s safety standards.

Our Paint Mix Rooms are suitable for re-finishers and manufacturers alike. They are designed and produced to provide operators with a safe and clean working environment, to store, decant and mix paints & solvents. They can also provide safe storage for the paint and solvents.


  • Fully ventilated mixing rooms compliant to NZ/AU safety standards.
  • Equipped with high levels of lighting to provide an optimal environment.
  • Ideal for preparing, mixing and perfecting the right match colour.
  • Filtered air supply with hazardous area approved exhaust fan.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Standalone or paint connected mixing rooms.
  • Option for heated and/or cooled supply air.


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