Key Benefits of MC4 Branch Connectors

mc4 branch connector

Are you looking for a reliable wire to connect solar panels? Have you ever heard about MC4 connectors and cables? Here, in this post, we will discuss the MC4 branch connector and its uses. Scroll down to know more!

MC4 connectors are small, single-contact electrical connectors. They are generally used to connect solar panels. MC is the short form of Multi-Contact, whereas 4 define the 4 mm diameter contact pin. MC4 connectors are cords of panels to construct by pushing connectors from adjacent panels together manually. When it comes to disconnecting these connectors, a specific tool is required to ensure that they do not accidentally disconnect when the wires are pulled out. These connectors and compatible products are universal in the solar market. They can be used to reduce the risk of overheating, which could create a fire.

Original connectors are rated for 600 V. And, the newer version of MC4 connectors is rated at 1500 V. There are a number of benefits of using original MC4 connectors. Let’s take a glance over the benefits of using original MC4 connectors:

  1. Original MC4 connectors are tested quality products that can be used over a long time period
  2. They come with longer life
  3. They need low maintenance cost
  4. They are energy savers and require the minimal loss of power
  5. They reduce heat build-up that prevents overheating from occurring

When it comes to buying these connectors, it is important to do your research properly and check with a solar installer to ensure that they use original connectors. There are a number of duplicate or fake products available that are available in the market. Here are some reasons to use original MC4 connectors:

Choosing genuine MC4 connectors over duplicate products is highly important. Duplicate connectors involve several deficiencies that can result in damage during installation or may lead to a fire. At the same time, if you use fake or duplicate products, it may result in:

  • Selecting non-branded products can cause the mismatching of connections. It can also result in poor connections. It might increase the temperature, which could result in overheating the system. It might also allow water to enter, resulting in a fire.
  • Anyone can get electrocuted while touching the connector where poor connections can allow rain and dust to enter. It can result in reducing the insulating properties of the connector.
  • It can also lead to system failure, and a fire can bring the loss of a home or someone’s life.
  • It might require rework if the system does not work properly.
  • Unlike MC4 connectors, fake or duplicate connectors have not undergone the same stringent testing. MC has been a part of the industry for many years and has researched as well as tested the behavior of their connectors over a long time frame.
  • When you install fake products, it does not meet the guidelines of the Clean Energy Council and breaches the Council’s Code of Conduct.

Where to Buy?

Thankfully, there are a number of online websites that provide original products at highly affordable prices. If you are interested in buying MC4 connectors, including MC4 Female – 8 AWG, 6.05-8.5mm OD, MC4 Male – 8 AWG, 6.05-8.5mm OD, MC4 100 Piece Kit – $4.45 per pair (M/F) – 10/12 AWG, 5.9-8.8mm OD, MC4 10 Piece Kit – $4.42 per pair (M/F) – 10/12 AWG, 5.9-8.8mm OD, simply find a reliable e-shop and place an order. Check out the customers’ reviews and testimonials as well as compare the cost before making a final purchase decision.


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