Keto diet and some dairy products (Yogurt, Milk…)

Keto diet

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In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the keto diet and dairy.
Can you do dairy on a keto diet?

In this blog post, we are not going to talk about lactose intolerant or allergies to milk or casein if the protein in milk.
We are mainly going to talk about should you do dairy on a ketogenic diet or not.

First, let’s talk about the yogurt, okay.
Fat-free yogurt with fruit, called fruit healthy, which usually it’s like not just fruit. It’s like the jelly of the fruit and all the sugar, and sometimes it’s not even fruit at all it’s artificial flavoring it’s 47 grams of sugar.
That’s like drinking a soda, that’s a lot of sugar fat-free plain is 19 grams of sugar, that’s incredible.

Fat-free Greek is 9 grams, so it’s a little bit better, but it’s still too high, and this is per 8 ounces, eight ounces, so it’s a cup whole milk plain is 11 grams of sugar that are still too high.

But look at fat-free plain versus whole milk plain the fat-free is higher in sugars see I’m not even looking at the carbohydrates I’m looking just in sugar so yes.

So that’s interesting, whole milk plain is better than fat-free plain
fat-free vanilla is 34 grams of sugar, way too high boats milk kefir is 7 grams.

So if you were forced to consume some yogurt or kefir, obviously this would be the best this is the second-best.
If you were at gunpoint and you had eaten right.

If you are a vegetarian and ask yourself are egg dairy products or its meat, or can vegans eat eggs? or just you want to add eggs in your diet, visit the blog.

Also, we have the blueberry kefir 20 grams, low-fat plain kefir, still has 12 grams of sugar, low-fat plain key for 11 grams of sugar, this is lactose-free, and I don’t understand why it’s high in sugar but because lactose is the sugar.

are eggs dairy 1

So I don’t understand that, but it’s still it’s way too high, so that’s yogurt.
Do you want to do yogurt Kito the answer is no?
Let’s get to milk 2% milk is 12 grams of sugar per cup okay cup is not that big that’s too high half-and-half for your coffee 0.36 grams, so it’s less than a gram and Hulk whole cream like whipping cream is 0.1.
if you were to use cream in your coffee though with the whole milk but still happen happens not that bad.

So can you do these, yes, I would get organic and try to get grass-fed if possible, and this one is a No?
Now, what if you do it just a little bit of milk.
That’s fine but not a lot of milk.
It’s just going to blow you out of ketosis.
Let’s talk about cheese.

When you have cheese, you have this fermentation product that you have these bacteria that are eating up the milk sugar, and a lot of that lactose is being lost with the way the protein part as it’s coming out of Chiefs in the making of cheese as well.
But check this out cream cheese is less than one gram it’s point four five grams per cup.

That’s pretty good, so the cream cheese is totally fine pepper jack is zero grams of sugar.
Impressive, cheddar, it’s zero grams. The more aged of cheeses, the better, the less sugar it has mozzarella one point four grams of sugar per cup still not bad has a little bit more but look at this processed cheese.

You know that little individual wrapped cheese that most people consume probably Velveeta and the other processed cheese that you would buy that everyone’s eating and lunch and the whole thing 19 grams of sugar.

Nineteen grams of sugar for processed cheese that is like way over the top cottage cheese is six grams.
That’s it. That’s the right amount of sugar.

So is this a yes or no these are a yes these are probably a no.
All right small amounts, but this one’s a big fat no.

Now, you might be allergic to cheese because the casein the allergy that’s a separate deal you might be lactose intolerant that’s a different deal but when you get consume cheese grass-fed organic would be the ideal scene.

Thanks, sir or madam, for reading!


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