Tips for Keeping Your Phone Hygienically Clean & Germ-Free

mobile and germs

The relationship between man and cell phone is no doubt irrefutable and it’s getting brawny day by day. We spend several hours on our phones whether we are at home, toilet, bus, in any ceremony, or office. According to a probing report, a single American checks his phone more or less 80 times a day. Phone screens are unquestionably high-touch surfaces as touching our face, ear and hands; means they can be a considerable source of “Mobile germs”.

Even if you possess hygienic habits to avoid germs or other pathogens you can get germs or dust from a nearby person who is showing you his favorite video on Instagram. Even if we are not using it, it may get dirt, smudge, or germs from our study tables, kitchen slabs, jeans pocket, or from the backyard garden. We may clean or wash our hands when it is needed but when the word “clean” comes in terms of mobile the first thought we all may propose is of cleaning the junk data. As coronavirus (Covid-19) has raised his head so sanitization and cleaning of the cell phone is a dire need of today.

Are you confused about how to keep your phone clean? Or many questions are popping in your mind like; is the cleaning procedure going to harm your cell phone? Or is it going to consume a lot of your precious time? Does it cost much?

There is nothing to panic about because here is the simple recipe through which you can keep your phone clean and hygienic.

Keep your hands clean

The first basic habit that you should cling to mind is to keep your hands clean and sanitized all day. Wash hands properly with the best antibacterial soap before and after using the toilet. Moreover, wash your hands at least for 20 seconds. If you are going to practice this super hygienic activity in your life your kids will be warriors against germs.

Keep your cell phone away from the toilet

For sure the toilet is a hub of germs, viruses, pathogens, and other disease carriers, so if you want to keep your phone clean, keep it far away from the toilet.

Cell phone cleaning recipe

  • Turn off your cell phone and detach charger and hands-free from your cell phone.
  • Remove the cover or case of your cell phone. Your phone cases are also needed to sanitize or wash separately. If your phone case is made up of silicon, dip the case in a bowl having water and dish soap in it. Let it soak for some minutes until the dirt is removed.
  • You can also use a toothbrush to scrub the sticky spots and dusty openings of the case.
  • After taking it out from the water, clean and dry the case with a microfiber cloth which is extra soft, and avoid scratches on the case. If your case is made up of leather, wood or other fancy items use relevant cleaning material.

Tools required cleaning the cell phone

Before starting the cleaning process make sure to have the following tools:

  1. Sanitized gloves
  2. Waters
  3. Microfiber cloth
  4. Cotton swabs
  5. Isopropyl alcohol (70%)
  6. Spray bottles


Mix water and isopropyl alcohol (70%) in a 1:1 ratio and fill the mixture in a spray bottle. After preparing the mixture take a microfiber cloth and spray on it lightly, spraying directly on your phone can damage it bitterly. Moreover, avoid spraying heavily on microfiber cloth as the phone may absorb moisture from the cloth. Clean your phone from front and back sides thoroughly with a microfiber cloth and in some areas like attachment ports or buttons where cloth could not reach use cotton swabs. When you are sure that your phone and case are both dry, insert the phone in the case again.

To keep your phone clean, phone accessories like earbuds, chargers, wireless Bluetooth headphones, and tripods, etc. must be cleaned. You can also clean them with the same mixture (water and isopropyl) but microfiber cloth must not be over-sprayed.

Phone soaps

There are several products in the market like phone soaps that do not require any alcohol mixture instead they use UV lights to sanitize the phone completely. It kills 99.9 % germs and no germ can rescue itself in cracks of the cell phone.

Clean your phone regularly

To combat from drastic viruses clean your phone regularly likewise you clean yourself, your home, and your surroundings daily as cleanliness is the only weapon through which you fight against filth and its carriers.


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