KBC winner 2021 – Details you must know


KBC Winner 2021 – With KBC’s new update, the lottery game is registered with all SIMS across India. This means anyone with an active SIM card is self-registered, and gets a chance to win the exciting cash prize. The poor, and the needy are also presented with the golden opportunity to win the grand prize, and change their lives.

These are the reasons why there is so much hype near the announcement dates for the lottery, since everyone is hoping to be the lottery winner. People were extremely exhilarated about the declaration of the KBC winner 2021, since most people needed a chance to change their lives, especially because of the rising unemployment.

KBC 2021 Lottery Details

For further inquiry regarding the latest KBC lottery that was held in 2021, you can get in touch with KBC’s representatives via their Head Office number. Their agents are available 24/7 to offer assistance to customers who might be in need of it.

The KBC lottery is held twice a month, giving a golden opportunity to people to change their lives. One trick for increasing your chances of winning is to keep your SIM active at all times. This is to be done by recharging your SIM frequently, and ensuring it doesn’t run out of credit.

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winners 2021

it has been discovered that a fake message is being circulated on social media, specifically WhatsApp, notifying KBC customers that the 2021 lottery will be conducted, and that the user has a chance to win the grand prize of 25 lakhs. Unfortunately, the message provides misleading information to clients which leads to confusion and suspicion regarding the lottery.

Here’s a list of the WhatsApp lottery winners with their respective lottery numbers in 2021:

  1. Mr Dhyan Chand: 89918
  2. Ms Mansi Joshi: 88110
  3. Ms Pooja Vastrkar: 0077
  4. Mr Sreejesh Prattu: 98800
  5. Ms Nuzhat Parween: 00778
  6. Manpreet Singh: 1122

Precautions for Lottery Winners

Because of the misleading and unauthentic messages being circulated on WhatsApp, people have lost their private data to dangerous cyber criminals, and have also lost considerable amounts of money to these people. This is why KBC has notified their users to beware of scams, and avoid responding to suspicious emails, or messages.

They are advised not to disclose their lottery information such as their lottery numbers or other details with anyone, especially the KBC winner 2021. An example of the misleading information provided through this message is the fact that Amitabh Bachan himself conducts the lottery via WhatsApp. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth!

Where to go for Information Inquiry?

KBC has achieved a lot of fame in India. This has resulted in several unauthentic sources using the name of KBC to exploit customers. It has become difficult to sift the correct information from the false updates which is why jio head office has advised their clients to contact their head office where their officials will be ready to assist you and provide any information regarding KBC lottery prizes. Their inquiry service is active 24/7, prepared to help customers in need. Here are a few resources to get in touch with:

KBC Head Office Mumbai: +9188444111

KBC Head Office Kolkata: +918444470

KBC Head Office Delhi: +9188444111

KBC Head Office Helpline Number: +918444470

KBC Scams and Unauthentic Messages

For the most reliable updates regarding KBC, stay tuned with our website. We deliver the latest information regarding this mega lottery, its winners, policies, and much more! Never miss an update about your favourite game show.

For further information on the KBC winner 2021, contact KBC Head Office directly. Beware of the scams that are being sent around on social media. The dangerous cybercriminals who are behind these messages aim for exploiting clients of their sensitive data. You must also watch out for fake calls, and make sure you don’t give away any information regarding your lottery number, bank details, and other data. In some cases, people have been asked to deposit money into the personal accounts of the criminals.

KBC is taking strict action to bring these criminals down and make sure their clients are safe from exploitation. In addition to this, thorough investigations are being carried out to track these thieves, in order to protect clients.

KBC Lottery Registration

Luckily, with the updated terms and conditions, you don’t need to register yourself with KBC anymore. Instead of filling out long forms and giving details, you can self-registered by using an active SIM. KBC is now registered with all SIM cards across India. This means anyone who owns an active SIM card gets the chance to be a lucky KBC Winner 2021.

For further assistance regarding the registration process, winner’s lists, and other updates you can reach out the KBC head office directly via their phone number, and even their WhatsApp number.


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