K9 – The Best Security Guards


While talking about the best and effective security system, the part played by dogs in safeguarding cannot be ignored. For many years’ dogs have been an integral part of almost every security team. They represent one of the foremost effective means that of deterring any criminal activity on properties. Canine’s sense of smell and hearing is extraordinary that allows them to sight trespassers who may not be visible to the security guards or officers as they may be hiding. They can observe anything in a large radius. Dogs have been employed in armies and militaries in every country. They help in assisting security officials in solving various cases and preventing crimes. Dogs can be regarded as the best security guards in Miami.

  • Training the dogs: For the sake of national security, well-trained dogs are employed in various missions. These dogs are given training to discover the faintest of odors and choose the all-time low frequency of noises, which can enable them to pinpoint issues quicker than one security officer, would. These highly trained dogs form a partnership with extremely qualified security officers so they will give the foremost effective solution against crime. This combined group of trained dogs and officers who handle them are called k-9. These units consist of extremely trained dogs with skilled security officers handling them. Working as a team, these units are unit formidable even within the highest stress conditions or situations. They are good for patrolling of properties and substance detection. Each dog has a strong, close bond with its handler resulting in an effective partnership that will deliver the ultimate team.
  • Advantages of dogs in security teams: They have helped in saving the lives of people multiple times. They are brave and have unique skills. They are regarded as human’s loyal friend since ancient times. These canines are trained effectively to increase and enhance their skills. They are watchful, vigilant, and protecting. They are excellent guards for various applications of security, starting from the safeguarding of properties to the detection of drugs. . The security team working with dogs is the most powerful and can solve the cases or crimes effectively and quickly. This makes them implausibly effective within the provision of safety. Even though the security team has a high profile and talented officers who have excellent skills, would require help from dogs to solve their case completely. At some point or the other, dogs prove to be advantageous. In many countries killing security, dogs are considered a crime.
  • Services provided by K-9: The services that a k-9 unit provides include guarding commercial and residential properties, screening event attendees for weapons, drugs, and explosives and inspection of venues for explosives before events, accompanying security guards on patrol with AR-10 rifles, locating suspects in hiding, visually deter possible crime at events, VIP escorting & personal/private security, etc.

K9 Patrol could be of great benefit to you in a variety of ways. Not only national security, but the k-9 unit can also be used for safeguarding business or residence premises or events as well.


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