Job Opportunities Available for Medical Students After Completing Bsc Nursing


The world is continually changing- a job high in demand today will have record unemployment rates tomorrow. We need to stay updated to keep up with the changing trends of the job market. The medical field, however, is evergreen and always hiring to meet workforce demands. People will always require doctors, nurses, specialists, therapists etc. as long as diseases and disorders are around, which given the current climate seems like till the end of time. 

A BSc nursing degree opens several doors that one doesn’t need to stress out about the job options. After graduating from a BSc nursing college, students can work in almost every medical specialty like cardiovascular, pediatrics, psychological services, information technology, medical and nursing research and teaching instruction and hospital administration and more. 

Here are several job opportunities or career options that nursing graduates can turn to: 

Working As A Childbirth Specialist

Tons of babies are born every day, and skilled and knowledgeable individuals must assist in the process and help women give birth smoothly- while maintaining the care of both mother and child. After completing studies from a BSC Nursing College, students can work as delivery specialists or a midwife which pays quite well. Apart from the benefits, pay and other perks this is one of the most satisfying jobs which provides a sense of joy of bringing life to the world. 

Working in NGO’s/ Social work

Nursing students are service-minded and selfless and often turn to social work or charitable aid to help the less fortunate sections of society. This area does not have a dearth of opportunities for nursing students, and one can even work abroad or in foreign countries- anywhere medical staff is required. Graduates can join the UN peacekeeping force, military or international organisations without borders as medical personnel. Completing an MPH ( Master of Public health) or MSW ( Master of Social work) degree will give you an extra edge and help make a name for yourself in this arena.

Working In Hospitals

Most nursing graduates work in hospitals because of the great opportunities available right out of BSc nursing college in both government and private sectors. Working in a hospital is a demanding yet immensely satisfying job. Paid leave, medical benefits, high salary and other perks are the cherry on the cake. One can try to work as a nurse in government or corporate settings by clearing the required interviews. There’s a lot of benefits in working as a nurse in private practices as well.

Industrial/Insurance Nursing

If the fast-paced hospital environment isn’t for you, there are so many desk jobs available for nurses with flexible timings, excellent pay and stress-free environments in various sectors. Most popular choices are to work as a nurse in insurance or industrial sectors. 

There are vast opportunities in the nursing sector in both private and public domains after one graduate from a BSc nursing college. Nursing is one of the noblest professions, and a number of service-minded individuals take up nursing each year to make a difference.


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