Japanese Knives – The Perfect Friend of the Chef

Japanese Knives - The Perfect Friend of the Chef

For centuries, Japanese knives are famous all over the world as these knives are hand-made by skilled artisans. The knives used and produced in Japanese culture are different from the rest of the world. Moreover, chefs and normal people from all over the world are using Japanese chef knives in their kitchen for cutting various types of vegetables and fruits. 

In this digital world, everything is changing, but the popularity of Japanese knives is still at its peak. You can get these traditional Japanese cooking knives online from various online stores rather than visiting the shop physically. 

There are various types of traditional Japanese knives, and some of the popular knives among them are Deba, Gyuto, Kiritsuke, Nakiri, Petty, Santoku, Sujihiki, Usuba, Yanagiba, etc. 

Characteristics of Japanese Knives

You must be wondering what makes these Japanese chef knives unique and different from other knives. Then the answer is simple; these knives have unique characteristics that make them different from Western knives. These characteristics are:

1. Steels and Hardness :-

Japanese people are known to use harder steels which have higher carbon content from the rest of the world. The benefit of using harder steel is that it increases blade retention that means less sharpening. It also means that the blades are more brittle and can be chip easily if you are not using these blades properly. With higher carbon content, the chances of rust and corrosion increase, if these knives are not kept dry after every use.

2. Blade Thickness :-

The blades of these Japanese knives are thinner because Japanese chefs are known to do more fine work with their knives. The thinner blades are also due to the sharper angles of these knives. The diet of Japanese people consists of fish and poultry then these knives with thinner blades come handy to them.

3. Edge Angles :-

The knives of Asian countries have sharper angles than those of Western knives. This sharper angle in knives is possible because of the harder steels present in these Japanese knives. The single bevel knives are very common in Japan but are very rarely found in the West.

4. Flat Blades  :-

One of the most used and common types of traditional Japanese knives is one with a flat blade. These blades will help them in a chopping motion, which is used commonly in Japanese cooking. However, American is known to use the rocking motion while cooking; that is why they use curved blade knives.

With various types of Japanese knives available in the market, you can get confused about which knife to use for which purpose. That is why you should buy a Japanese chef knife set which will have a set of different types of knives in it. 

From simple to heavy blades, Japanese knives can be of different types and can be used for different purposes while cooking. One of the classic trios of the traditional Japanese cooking knives consists of Usuba, Deba, and Yanagiba, which must be present in every house. This trio can be used for cooking various traditional Japanese cuisine. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the best Japanese knives and start cutting and chopping vegetables and meat with perfection.


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