Is There A Best Time To Take Vitamins?


Vitamins are organic substances. The development and growth of organisms depends largely on vitamins. They are biological regulators of chemical reactions in the metabolism. Vitamins don’t have any energy value, but take part in every chemical process as biocatalysts. They are the main ingredients in the proper functioning of the body and act as antioxidants against diseases. Vitamins are important and necessary for the human and animal body which generally cannot synthesize them from simple compounds. Consumption of plant and animal foods as well as synthetic vitamins (supplements) will satisfy the needs of vitamins.

In the recent period, people read controversial information about vitamins. Some experts suggest taking vitamins in large quantities while others say that vitamins are actually toxic in large quantities. In addition, some claim that taking vitamins in certain period of the day will improve their effects while others think that the timing has nothing to do with their efficiency. Before we go into details and start explaining about the best time to take vitamins, we should mention few other things related to these important substances.

There are basically two types of vitamins – water soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins. The category of vitamins soluble in water include the vitamins of group B and vitamin C. These vitamins are easily absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract into the blood and do not accumulate in the body. These vitamins are quickly eliminated from the body; therefore it is necessary to take them on a daily basis. Because of their rapid elimination from the body, it is almost impossible to overdose with these vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins come with different properties. They are stored in the fatty tissues and liver and they are slowly removed from the system. This group includes vitamins A, D, E and K. Now let’s focus more on the best time to take vitamins.


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When should people take vitamins?

In case you are wondering when is the best time to take vitamins, you need to take few things into consideration.

For starters, if you are practicing a healthy diet that includes lots of vegetables, fruits, small amounts of starch, salt and carbs and if you consume mostly natural and raw foods, taking vitamins would not be necessary. But given that most modern people prefer eating processed foods with lots of fat and starch, it seems that taking vitamins on a regular basis is a good routine. The problem may occur when you don’t take vitamins in the right way because they won’t have the full effect on your health.

A person that takes only vitamins with artificial origin will do very little to improve their health. Many scientific studies have shown that the concentrate of vitamins with artificial origin can have a full effect only if it is taken together with vitamins found in food because this is the only way for the body to absorb these vitamins in the right way. In other words, you should not expect to take vitamins and drink water and stay healthy.

In addition, the human body metabolizes at different rates in different people even in the case of the same person, the body metabolism changes during the day. Some people have a slower metabolism in the morning and faster in the evening and vice versa.

If you are planning or you are already consuming daily multivitamin supplements, then the best time of day to take vitamins for this routine is early in the morning within 30 minutes after you wake up together with a breakfast packed with protein and calcium and fruits or eggs, glass of milk and an apple to be more precise. In this way, multivitamins will provide the best effects.

However, many people skip, forget or simply don’t have time for a healthy breakfast. In this case it is better to wait until lunch time and take the vitamins with a meal or right before the main meal. In this way these multivitamins are digested and processed faster and more efficiently.

In case you are taking vitamins separately (not as multivitamins) then you should know that certain vitamins provide better and long-term effects to the health especially when they are taken at the right time.

For example, vitamin B or B-complex and vitamin E should be taken in the morning with food, at the beginning of the day. These vitamins can help you wake up quickly and have more energy during the whole day, of course if this is the first thing that you have taken. Some vitamins are taken together in order to improve the interaction unlike others that can reduce the effects if they are combined.

It is a well-known fact that vitamin D improves calcium absorption as well as magnesium absorption and taking vitamin D with calcium supplement is always a good option. Calcium reduces the absorption of iron and it is not recommended to be taken in a combination and you should probably avoid using multivitamin supplements that contain iron. Unlike calcium, vitamin C encourages the absorption of iron, so drinking iron supplement together with a glass of orange juice or vitamin C pill with iron pill is a great combo.

So, so-called morning vitamins include vitamin B or B-complex, vitamin C and vitamin E. by adding iron you will secure power for the rest of the day. You can take vitamin D and calcium later during lunch.

It is also good to mention that minerals play important role too. Calcium is a very important addition and you should try to increase the intake through food too. Multiple intake of calcium during the day is an excellent idea especially when it comes to women. Calcium requires vitamin D and magnesium in order to be absorbed in the system in a proper way. Be careful when choosing vitamin D especially with supplements of magnesium and calcium and avoid calcium supplements produced from crushed shells because they have the slowest rate of absorption.

The most important thing regarding vitamins and vitamin supplements is that they should be taken during meals or right before or after these meals.


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