Is the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship one of the best scholarships for physically challenged students in India?


Physically challenged students can apply for the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship program. The scholarship goes out to deserving students for their technology skills. So, students who demonstrate a passion, talent, and dedication for improving their technology skills can apply whether for this merit based scholarship they are physically challenged or not.

What you’ll need are two things to start with:

Be an Indian citizen.

Have proof of participating and getting recognition in a credible technology-themed event.
Certificates, white paper, thesis, recommendation letters, gadget, or published documents will all work just fine as proof of your admirable achievements.

You’ll qualify if you are active or have an exciting project in areas such as the following:
Artificial intelligence
Virtual reality
Coding and Creating Apps
Augmented reality

The scholarship board will not discriminate against you if you face physical challenges and hence, you should get the school enquiry form.
What Does the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship Offer?

The GIIS scholarship is talent-based, which makes it a merit scholarship.
That means students need to illustrate that they deserve to get it based on their recent past achievements.
Here is an example.
Suppose you become a top-3 prize winner at the annual National Children’s Science Congress competition.
In that case, you’ll get up to 20% off your GIIS tuition fees if you get selected to study at the Global Indian International School in Noida under the scholarship.
You would also get a similar amount of money if you managed to become a top-10 position in the National Rank at the Olympiad (SOT/STEM, Robotics).
You can also receive financial aid if you receive recognition in:
State or regional technology-themed setting.
Become a top-10 or top-20 ranked student in a national forum
The difference is the Global Schools Foundation will consider your application in a new category of applicants. Then you’ll receive 10% or 15% off your tuition fees, depending on where you place.

However, the state or regional event will need to be reputable among the science and technology circles in India and international forums.

The Global Indian International school scholarships board will require you to attach your previous two years’ academic history with your APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship application form. So, remember to work on your academics as you develop your technology savviness.

Bottom Line

The Global Indian International School community prides itself on not discriminating against deserving students who are physically challenged.

Contrary, you are welcome to apply.

You would more than inspire other ambitious students living with physical challenges to come out and apply when you become a successful applicant.

You would also encourage them that a physical disability is not an inability to scale new heights in whichever areas they are passionate about.
You can apply for the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship when you’ve worked so hard to achieve recognition in the technology field.
Qualifying fields can range anywhere from innovative ideas in AI to creating a useful mobile application.


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