Is smoking vape harmful? What are the advantages of Vape over traditional cigarettes?


The latest research of UK community health center has confirmed that smoking vape is a highly effective smoking cessation support method. However, smoking harmful vape is not a question that many people wonder about because this product is still relatively new.

What is Vape?

A vape is a device made up of an intelligent microchip system. Energy from the circuit board will burn the essential oils, causing the steam to appear. Many people still mistakenly think that the Vape is a newly manufactured device but actually this device appeared in the 60s in China. Through many improvements, the latest generation of Vape has been much better.

Vape is usually composed of two main parts: the oil burner and the camera body. The camera body is an important part of the Vape’s performance. The camera body will have a battery and a control system. Each vape will have a compatible device but if the body is damaged it will be difficult to repair. Therefore, buying Vape at genuine addresses to ensure durability in operation is very important.

The combustion chamber is a place to store essential oils, when affected by the heat the oil will heat up and evaporate water. Essential oils commonly used are aromas derived from natural herbs. Whether or not vape is harmful or not depends quite a lot on the essential oil used. If you buy poor quality or non-genuine essential oils, the smoke will be very toxic.

Is smoking vape harmful?

You need to understand that Vape is an electronic cigarette. UK Community Health Center has researched and concluded that Vape is 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. That means all harmful substances, substances causing carcinogens in Vape are 95% lower than traditional cigarettes.

Vape is an effective smoking cessation device. At the same time, smoking Vape helps to reduce the toxicity of secondhand smoke to the user and to the surrounding people.

Most of the aromas in Vape are derived from essential oils, so it is very safe. Vape also gives users the feeling of smoking regular cigarettes. Because of the safety features, the vape smoking trend is more and more popular.

Of course, not breathing vape smoke is 100% safe, but there is no evidence that they are harmful.

What are the advantages of Vape over traditional cigarettes?


Vape helps freshen breath


If you ever haunted by the smell of cigarettes causing bad breath, Vape will end this concern. With the mechanism of using essential oils with a pleasant scent, Vape gives the smoker a gentle scent, fragrant breath. The scent of essential oils is usually not too harsh, the lingering scent also creates a mild body scent. You can completely choose the essential oils that carry your favorite scent.

Reducing the health effects of cigarette smoke


Tobacco smoke has been warned to affect the lungs and breathing of smokers and people around them. Vape tackles the phobia of cigarette smoke. The essential oils of Vape are heated to create smoke with a very aromatic aroma. Vape smoke is considered to be relatively environmentally friendly.

Vape offers a refreshing feeling when smoking


Many people have responded that under stress they often turn to tobacco. Vape is a safe solution for smokers trying to quit. When using Vape, you will inhale a type of Salt Nicotine also known as Nicotine salt that is as satisfying as a normal cigarette. The vape will bring relaxation moments after tiring working hours.

Does not cause dryness and jaundice


People who use tobacco for a long time often experience dry skin. Vape essential oils include water to help replenish moisture in the skin. Your skin will not feel rough, lack water when using Vape regularly. Besides, you can avoid smoking jaundice.

Does not cause stains, yellow teeth


Yellow teeth, dull teeth are common phenomena in longtime smokers. Vape offers a great experience while solving dental problems while smoking. You can completely suck Vape in crowded places without worrying about stained teeth, poor breath creating inferiority when communicating.

Smoking Vape does not cause dullness and yellowing but also protects the enamel. The essential oils that Vape uses are those extracted from fruits that help to naturally whiten teeth. Breazy’s essential oils for Vape are the most premium products. Understanding the tastes of customers and the need to use essential oils for e-cigarettes, Breazy offers customers many attractive incentives when buying essential oils


Is the nicotine in vape addictive?


Many people wonder if Nicotine Vape is harmful and addictive when smoking. In fact, the amount of Nicotine in vape is hardly addictive or mildly addictive if it does.

However, if you or a loved one has cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, myocardial infarction, pregnancy … you should not use Nicotine.

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