Is Living the Plastic Free Life in the UK Expensive?


People are often happy about helping the environment and lead a better life in the world. To protect the environment and more, UK residents are choosing plastic-free living nowadays. Though many around the world would like to opt for this living approach, most are unaware of it and those who know about it frequently things that it is an expensive lifestyle that they won’t be able to afford.

If you have similar notions, then you must know that it isn’t expensive at all but actually helps in saving money even. Please take a look at it in detail below!

Living plastic-free isn’t expensive

What people need to understand is that living plastic-free means reducing the usage of plastic products such as plastic bags, cups, bottles, etc. Moreover, people require opting for alternatives to such plastic items, which are generally a cheaper option. Following steps shows why this isn’t an expensive lifestyle.

  1. Compare prices

For example, one should do ample research to know about the plastic-free items that are closest in price to the ones which have plastic involve be it packaging or other areas. Hence, after getting the alternative which is closest to the price of plastic product, one should switch to it; thus, reducing plastic usage.

So, simply going through choices and comparing prices will help one to buy a healthier available option at the same or lower price.

  1. Opting for discounts and coupons

Many places in the UK, there are stores, shops, etc. where people can get massive discounts when purchasing items alternative to plastic products. Also, when surfing the internet, people can find coupons that can be used when buying plastic-free items. Hence, in short, people will have to spend less when buying alternative items. Thus, this shows that a plastic-free lifestyle isn’t expensive; rather, it is cheap in the long run.

  • Saves more in the long run

When switching to alternatives, people actually save more money in the long run. For instance, people every day buy packaged drinking water bottles and discard it after finishing water inside it. On an average of at least 60 pounds is spent by people on packaged drinking water every month. However, buying a stainless steel water bottle in the UK will cost a maximum of 20 pounds. Hence, instead of buying plastic packaged drinking water bottle, purchasing a stainless steel one makes more sense. All one requires is to fill it up with tap water when empty. This way, an individual will be able to save a lot of money in the long run.

However, one needs to keep in mind that these are just some of the ways which show that plastic-free life isn’t expensive at all. There are many different ways, which you can choose that will aid in saving money. All you need is to find the ways and reduce the amount of waste you produce.

So, start this lifestyle today, and you will see that you are saving more money this way!


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