Is Laser Hair Removal Safe Enough?


Laser hair removal has been very popular since last half century. Though this technology is widely accepted by people around the world from New York to Casa Blanca and Shanghai to Sydney, the question raises in the mind of the people whether the laser hair removal safe enough to opt or not?

After thorough research and personal experience, we have tried to explain you on this most keenly asked question.

Laser hair removal technology uses invisible light beam which generates the constant heat to penetrate the hair follicle destroying the DNA, it stops the possible hair growth in skin.

These are the topic that we need to consider before going for laser hair removal technology: –

Post treatment preparations

You ought to be very much prepared mentally and physically when you perform Laser hair removal on yourself. Dermatologists suggest diagnosing skin sensitivity test and analyse review your medical history. Laser hair removal is best for the dark hair with fair skin as heat is absorbed by the dark materials avoiding the fair skin, it works best.

Waxing, Shaving and plucking hairs from all parts of a body are very much painful and a tedious job. Hair removal technology like Electrolysis is ideally good for small parts of body whereas Laser hair removal is safe and suitable to remove hairs from face to arms and legs, in all larger parts of a body.

Bikini hair removal is one of a kind that is very popular among young women and laser hair removal is the best for this purpose. Laser hair removal is considerably the most expensive than other hair removing methods but in long term because of its reliability and effective performance it tends to be the cheapest.

Laser beam and genital areas

Though it is possible to banish the unwanted hairs from private parts by laser hair removal, it is not recommended to some delicate parts within it. To illustrate, hair in scrotum in male genital should be protected from the laser beam to not to increase risk of infertility and sperm quality.

Pregnancy and laser hair removal

With the excessive changes and imbalance in hormones some women during their pregnancy undergo with the massive hair growth.

Obstetricians advise to keep you away from laser hair removal treatment during pregnancy time.

Side effects and discomforts with laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is not comforting to everyone, especially to people with hypersensitive skin. Some people go through painful experience and that is not always the case. The pain is not too severe and is rather tolerable. If necessary, there are some anaesthetic creams which can be applied to the skin before applying the laser beam on your skin. The side effects of Laser hair removal are always temporary for short period of time. Some of the prominent side effects are the laser burn, redness and pigmentation, it is suggested by the physicians to keep your skin away from the exposure sun light for about seven days or so.

Apart from during pregnancy and applying laser beams to some delicate parts of a body laser hair removal is safe treatment to remove unwanted hairs from our body. The major reason why this treatment is gaining popularity is because of considerable safety issues. Now we believe you have got adequate information to better understand that laser hair removal technology is safe enough to help solving your problem.


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