Is it safe to travel in a taxi now


Traveling by public transport is not always the best solution. Buses and trams only run at scheduled times and do not always arrive at a specific location. You have to travel very often with a change, which extends the ride and is not very comfortable, especially when the temperature is low outside. If you want to get to the address as soon as possible, it is best to take a taxi. What to consider when choosing a transport company of this type?

Unlike city buses, we can call a Noble Park Taxi whenever we need transport. We will appreciate this advantage most during the night hours, when public transport runs very rarely.   The comfort and safety of travel are also important. Taxis that travel on Australian roads are mostly modern and comfortable vehicles, equipped with a number of amenities such as air conditioning and may be a free wi-fi. 

Should you travel in a taxi during Coronavirus?

There is currently no data that would say that traveling by tram or bus would be a greater threat in terms of contracting the coronavirus than driving a taxi. In order to be able to reasonably talk about which place is safer, it is necessary to explain how an infection occurs. According to the current knowledge about the coronavirus, the high risk of infection occurs only after 15 minutes in close proximity to an infected person, who in addition spreads the virus by droplets.

Taking this fact into account, it is actually driving a tram or a bus, now that there are fewer people driving it, where there is much more space, it may seem safer than staying with the patient in a small cabin of a passenger car. We must be aware that the person sneezing at the beginning of the car cannot infect someone at the other end. It is worth remembering about it so as not to cause unnecessary panic.

How long can the coronavirus survive in the car?

The answer to this question is not simple and straightforward. According to my expert, the virus itself will not survive beyond the human body for more than several dozen minutes, but if the infected coughs, it usually comes out of the body with mucus, i.e. its medium, and under such conditions it can survive outside the body for even several days! If unsuspecting people touch it and then rub their face, they can become infected. That is why it is so important to disinfect your hands frequently.

Taxi, bus or maybe a walk?

The most important thing is not to panic, because this is now more dangerous than the coronavirus itself. In fact, currently both the so-called in a pickup room or in a taxi, it is relatively safe, as long as we take appropriate precautions and avoid direct contact with people coughing and sneezing.

And here comes the most important appeal – if you feel unwell (you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, you are tired), do not use buses and taxis.


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