Is growing and using Cannabis legal in Australia?


When it comes to growing cannabis, au is definitely making progress in the right direction. Although it’s not completely legal throughout the entire country, the laws are slowly but surely being repealed.

Medical marijuana is in legal throughout the country, and certain states are getting into more and more serious talks about complete legalisation.


  • Run down


Throughout most of the country, using cannabis for recreational purposes is still illegal. However, since September 2019, people who live in Canberra are allowed to smoke away.

There are still some limits to the law though, you need to be at least 18 years old and you’re not allowed more than 50 grams. 2 plants. And 4 plants per household.

In the rest of the country, it’s legal, but only for medical reasons. And even then it needs to prescribed by the doctor who may only allow you to have it if you have an incredibly severe illness.


  • Specific States


Different states will have different laws for the terms and conditions that someone must meet to be able to have access to medical marijuana.

For example, in New South Wales, you may only have it if you have a terminal illness, but patients without such illnesses are being trialled.

In Queensland, if a doctor wishes to prescribe you with cannabis, he will need to present scientific evidence that taking it will help with your condition.

In South Australia, anyone who prescribes you with it will need to have a “Section 18A” authority. And you’re not allowed to use weed for more than 2 months.


  • It’s big business


Even though the laws might not be the most cannabis-friendly laws in the world, our beautiful country is becoming a great place for growers to be able to set up their businesses. In fact, some people are even calling it the “envy of the world”.

With help from a US company, Greenfield MC Cultivation has been able to start a series of cannabis farms to be sold in Asia. As soon as people realise that it’s not dangerous, it’ll only be a matter of time before it’s completely legalised.

This is going to be great for our GDP.


  • Will it change? 


All the evidence seems to be pointing in the direction of marijuana becoming legal throughout the country.

Of course, this could very well just be me being overly optimistic. But most places where weed is now legal, it didn’t use to be.

Not only is it now legal in Canberra, but there’s also a big movement of people who want to push through legislation to make it legal.

And on top of that, we’re a great country to be able to grow it. This will surely make the public view the drug in a more positive light.


  • Conclusion


At the current time, growing marijuana is only legal in Canberra. And in the rest of the country, growing is illegal, but smoking is only legal for medical reasons.

The only exception seems to be if you’re a licensed company. Such as Greenfield MC Cultivation.

However, who’s to say that things won’t change in the future?


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