Is egg white protein better than whey protein?


Protein supplements are all that everybody talks about these days in terms of fitness regimes. Be it for weight gain or losing weight or even building lean muscle mass, protein supplements can be used for anything and everything. Protein helps our body to make blocks in the muscle area. It aids the body to improve the strength and immunity to its optimum level. This is the reason why protein supplements would never go out of demand.

Once you understand the benefits of protein supplements, you can never go back from it, and you will be presented with various options to cater to your taste. It is known that whey and egg protein supplements are the most common choices, and both have their pros and cons. You need to figure out for yourself, which will suit you better in the long term scenario with proper rest which you will get using positioning pillows

In the whole wide world of protein supplements, whey powder has been the most popular in the market. It is easy to produce and simple to artificially flavor. It is not very expensive as well, which becomes a plus. But if we look closely, whey has its disadvantages as well due to its origins as a component of milk.

There are a few more issues that coincide with the fact that whey contains lactose. It has the ability to cause severe digestive problems in many people. Lactose intolerance of some level is pretty much common, and mild symptoms such as gas or minor discomfort can occur in a few people.

To move further, whey contains 2 grams of fat per 25 grams of protein and 3 grams of carbohydrates per 25 grams of protein. On the other hand, egg white protein contains only 2 grams of carbohydrates per 25 grams of protein and no fats. It is advantageous in the sense that egg allergies are rarer than lactose intolerances or the like allergies.

If all such benefits are not enough, then we can put forward that egg white protein is much cheaper to produce. Basically, egg white-based protein supplements are more affordable than whey.

Now, let’s see pointers that prove how egg white protein powder can better serve your fitness regime in the Indian origin. 

1. High Level of Bioavailability

The efficiency and effectiveness of protein are calculated through its biological value. The biological value (BV) is the measurement of the effectiveness of a protein in terms of digestion. It can be understood that if the BV value is more, then the protein is more beneficial. Egg protein has a high BV value of 100 on a scale of 100! In plain language, your body will be able to fully utilize and assimilate the protein from the egg protein supplement.

 2. No Allergic Reaction

It can be understood simply that some people may be allergic to whey protein as it is derived from milk. Certain blends of whey may contain lactose because lactose is naturally present in milk. While certain whey protein compositions claim to be lactose-free, they can actually be really expensive. A more natural alternative is considered as the best egg white protein powder which provides zero risks of a lactose allergy or lactose intolerance.

3. Aids in muscle building

Egg protein supplements are amazing for building muscle because not only do they contain all the essential amino acids needed to build and repair muscle, they also contain essential minerals like calcium and iron.

Since egg protein is derived from egg whites, it naturally has little to no carbohydrates. Most supplements also contain very little fat and cholesterol. This is why egg protein supplements are ideal for losing weight and building muscle.

It’s always better to consult your doctor and fitness professional before choosing a protein supplement because different supplements might be suitable for different kinds of bodies according to their specific health conditions.


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