Investigation Details Of A Slip And Fall Accident Lawsuit


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Accidents are unfortunate for everyone. Especially when it comes to slip and fall, they are a major inconvenience. It can cause mild to severe injury based on the management of the property. If the property is poorly maintained, slip accidents are likely to happen. It can occur in your workplace, in your friend’s house, or on a construction site.

No matter the location is, it is the injury that matters. The sufferer has the legal right to claim for the injuries.  Such accidents give physical pain along with mental agony that one has to cross right from the time of accident till the treatment.

If you have landed in such a situation where you were injured on someone else’s property, contact a legal attorney.  In order to get compensation you must file a lawsuit against the property owner. Los Angeles slip and fall lawsuit attorneys are experts in dealing with such cases. All you need to do is to connect with them and handover the case details.

How Are Investigations Done In A Slip And Fall Accident Case?

The legal step is to file a claim backed by an official investigation. It means gathering facts, along with proof that determines the exact situation of what had happened in the area. The experienced attorneys, irrespective of the degree of complexity in a case, investigate the matter with every possible angle. It helps in making a strong case against the defendant.

Factors That Require Detail Investigation Are:

The Owner Of The Property:
It is the first and foremost fact to check out the owner of the property at the time of the accident. The onus lies to them as the injured person has faced injuries in their property.

The Victim’s Angle:
The investigator also checks the victim’s permission to use the property. Was he legally allowed to enter their premises? Is that a workplace? Has anyone invited them to their premises for any cause? It is mandatory to check such angles from the victim’s end before filing a case.

Any Serious Condition Of The Property:
It is important to investigate the property from every aspect. This depicts the accident and how it may have occurred. The property might have a restricted area or any slippery zone where people are not allowed to venture.

If the injury is caused in such an area even after clear instructions on entry/exit, the case to file a claim is almost nil.

Was The Owner Aware Of The Condition?

The investigating officer should know the fact of whether the owner was aware of the condition of his property. Was it that dangerous? Did they notify the entrants about any condition using any medium like messages printed on the board? Did he use any other ways to convey the condition of the property?

The Seriousness Of The Injury Caused:

it is important to investigate the medical reports and the injuries of the sufferer to take the case further.

A slip and fall case can be dangerous. Connect with an expert attorney to file your claim case for a guaranteed compensation.


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