Introduction to Python and its Features and Disadvantages

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Python is an elevated level programming language intended to be anything but difficult to peruse and easy to actualize. It is open source, which implies it is allowed to utilize, in any event, for business applications. Python can run on Mac, Windows, and Unix frameworks and has likewise been ported to Java and .NET virtual machines.

Python is viewed as a scripting language, similar to Ruby or Perl and is regularly utilized for making Web applications and dynamic Web content. It is likewise upheld by various 2D and 3D imaging programs, empowering clients to make custom modules and expansions with Python. Instances of uses that help a Python API incorporate GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, and Autodesk Maya.

This article will you a basic understanding of Python Programming language, if you wish to learn in detail then read the list of top 30 Python interview questions and answers at Coding Tag

Features of Python:-

Simple to Learn and Use

Python is anything but difficult to learn and utilize. It is designer cordial and elevated level programming language.

Expressive Language

Python language is increasingly expressive implies that it is progressively justifiable and lucid.

Deciphered Language

Python is a deciphered language for example mediator executes the code line by line at once. This makes investigating simple and consequently reasonable for tenderfoots.

Cross-stage Language

Python can run similarly on various stages, for example, Windows, Linux, Unix and Macintosh and so forth. Along these lines, we can say that Python is a versatile language.

Free and Open Source

Python language is unreservedly accessible at offical web address.The source-code is likewise accessible. In this way it is open source.

Item Oriented Language

Python underpins object situated language and ideas of classes and items appear.


It suggests that different dialects, for example, C/C++ can be utilized to order the code and therefore it very well may be utilized further in our python code.

Enormous Standard Library

Python has an enormous and wide library and prvides rich arrangement of module and capacities for quick application advancement.

GUI Programming Support

Graphical UIs can be created utilizing Python.


It very well may be effortlessly incorporated with dialects like C, C++, JAVA and so on.

Disadvantages of Python


Python is more slow than C or C++. Obviously, Python is a significant level language; in contrast to C or C++ it’s not nearer to equipment.

Versatile Development

Python is definitely not a generally excellent language for portable advancement. It is viewed as a feeble language for versatile registering. This is the explanation not many portable applications are worked in it like Carbonnelle.

Memory Consumption

Python is anything but a decent decision for memory escalated errands. Because of the adaptability of the information types, Python’s memory utilization is additionally high.

Database Access

Python has confinements with database get to . When contrasted with the well-known advancements like JDBC and ODBC, the Python’s database get to layer is seen as bit immature and crude. In any case, it can’t be applied in the endeavours that need smooth association of complex inheritance information .

Runtime Errors

Python developers referred to a few issues with the structure of the language. Since the language is powerfully composed, it requires all the more testing and has mistaken that lone appear at runtime.

We hope that you got a better understanding of Python tutorial for beginners. If you are preparing for an interview in Python programming than make sure to check advanced python interview questions and answers at Coding tag.


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