Internet Speed You Need to Work Remotely


The pandemic has certainly played a significant role in shifting traditional office work to work from home. Employees from all over the globe are struggling to cope up with the changes and purchasing a high-quality internet service is at the top of the list. Therefore, in this article, we are going to help you figure out the best internet provider for remote working so that you can stay connected to your office without being exposed to the dangerous virus. Read more about Mario Cart Tour Mod Apk.

When it comes to buying an internet plan, the very first factor that you need to consider is the required speed. Instead of purchasing a plan that offers the maximum speeds, evaluate your internet usage so that you can cut your expenses, after all, who knows when this virus is going to end, and in such difficult times, a few savings in the bank go a long way.

Required Internet Speeds for Video Conferencing

Video calling is one of the most important aspects of remote working. You might have to conduct conferences daily to stay updated with the workflow. Thus, to ensure that your device is receiving the right internet speeds, check out the requirements and our recommendations for the following applications:

Application Required Download Speeds Required Upload Speeds
Slack 200 Kbps (Recommended: 4 Mbps) 100 Kbps (Recommended: 600 Kbps)
Skype 1.5 Mbps (Recommended: 8 Mbps) 600 Kbps (Recommended: 3 Mbps)
Zoom 2 Mbps (Recommended: 4 Mbps) 400 Kbps (Recommended: 2 Mbps)
Cisco WebEx 1 Mbps (Recommended: 3 Mbps) 500 Kbps (Recommended: 1 Mbps)
Google Hangouts 2 Mbps (Recommended: 4 Mbps) 100 Kbps (Recommended: 2 Mbps)
FaceTime 512 Kbps (Recommended: 3 Mbps) 256 Kbps (Recommended: 1 Mbps)
Microsoft Teams 1 Mbps (Recommended: 4 Mbps) 500 Kbps (Recommended: 1 Mbps)
GoToMeeting 1 Mbps (Recommended: 4 Mbps) 500 Kbps (Recommended: 2 Mbps)

Note: These speed requirements and recommendations are for single internet users only.

Required Internet Speed for Graphic Designing

Professional graphic designers need to download and upload tons of data regularly. Therefore, we recommend that you get a plan that offers at least 50 Mbps of internet speeds because there might be multiple internet users at your home who also need to connect their devices to the same network. Therefore, 50 Mbps of speeds would enable graphic designers to easily download and upload files on the server without any interruption.

Required Internet Speed for Content Writing

Content writers need to conduct thorough research on web tools that require consistent speeds to deliver timely results. Moreover, they have to watch informative videos and read articles to write an interactive post. Therefore, we recommend at least 30 Mbps of internet speeds for professional content writers.

Required Internet Speeds for Emailing

For basic online activities such as emailing and moderate web surfing, you need 5 Mbps of internet speeds. 5 Mbps can easily tolerate 3 users who do not have to use the internet for heavy tasks such as downloading, streaming, and video calling.

Is 100 Mbps Sufficient to Work from Home?

Generally, 100 Mbps is a good internet speed for up to 5 internet users who love spending their time online. With such speeds, you can easily stream HD videos, play online games, and connect with your office work. Sites like 메이저놀이터 usually consume fewer MBs while playing fun games.

How Fast is 200 Mbps?

200 Mbps is plenty of speed for avid users who consistently need to stay online to complete their work assignments. With such high speeds, you can conveniently make video calls, download and upload heavy files on the web, visit bandwidth-hungry websites, and perform leisure activities like movies and games.

How Much Internet Data Do You Need to Work Remotely?

Work from home burns a lot of data. Depending upon the nature of your business, you might need an unlimited data plan so that you can carry out your tasks without worrying about your consumption. It also makes sense to go for unlimited plans because providers charge a hefty fee for additional data allowance, which adds up to your monthly bill. In addition, when multiple users are connected to the same network, data will burn more quickly than you can imagine. Therefore, we always recommend unlimited data plans for remote workers.

Which Provider Offers the Best Internet Service for Remote Workers?

Though many internet companies provide commendable speeds for a smooth online experience, we usually recommend Comcast Xfinity to our readers due to its exceptional speeds and extra benefits. Xfinity promotions are highly competitive and you get numerous features when you sign up for the service. for just under $50, Xfinity offers speeds up to 300 Mbps, unlimited data, 24/7 available customer support, and most importantly, a complete security suite to keep your confidential files protected from prying eyes. So, sign up for this amazing facility right away, and start working from home without any troubles.


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