Internet marketing benefits


Internet via companies and between the customer directly to the transaction because the intermediate distribution stage is therefore omitted marketing and sales costs and savings, the Internet advertising and market research, etc. through ads Herzegovina investigation expenses also significant savings. The product Website put it, if the customer appears on the screen, the items discussed after just a jam ran payment method to fill in Order because Internet marketing is a lot of the ordinary expenses reduce the number there. The previous page or broadcast Using marketing are advertising rates constrained due to the consumer provided goods or services of the information, the amount of the limit was, a web-based internet marketing is low even at the expense unlimited information you provide may have.

Overcoming limitations of time and space 

Internet in the marketing of goods on display and customers directly being relative to the store requires a separate note, in the office computer 1 vs. only domestically as well as around the world, marketing against the activities feasting there. Overseas branch or overseas representative for connecting one or, from consumers in other countries to buy under two days with offices in the computer through possible, before the world against electronic bulletin boards, newsgroups, search engines, e-newspapers or You can also advertise through your own website. 24- hour 365 days to continue their allyl may have, the time zone is different even in the country at any time customer wants at the time the deal achieved can so also the target range around the world to expand may have. Around the world towards open in Internet nature when everywhere the consumer is satisfied to be in a place, the consumer anyone as long as the Internet company to anyone efficient There is no convenient space. 

Changes in the distribution structure 

Internet in Marketing wholesalers or retailers, such as intermediate traders to intervene can be in this space many do not because the distribution stage is omitted, whereby internet sales prices affordable prices to be formed may have. In addition, the stuff you use when occurring defective or questionable information immediately and Internet sellers to connect customers to the service receive the number is. 

Environmental protection and benefits of SMEs  

Traditional marketing, the way many catalogs to manufacture paper and printing ink and transport fuels, etc. Due to environmental protection and avoidance was. However, the exchange of product information through the Internet brings great benefits to the level of environmental protection and national economy. Internet. Also, customers only websites with the company scale grasp can not because SMEs also have a neat design and substantial information to deliver more than large glass that is not there. 


Focus group (Target Group) Easy access 

Marketers for internet users’ characteristics that only itself is quite attractive are also a collective but a newsgroup or e-mail you through the most specific of needs so feel a narrow range of targets in a group to access may have. Also, they own and feel a product or a service for aggressive opinions often raised so as businesses to consumer feedback be that interesting also the collective is. Companies can determine individual preferences based on individual accumulated data. More precisely identified and specific to the individual right to present the information may have. 

Limit on the amount of advertising

Images, graphics, sound, image, animation, video, text, etc. a variety of multimedia technology-based advertising available and corporate communications, product advertising as well as a variety of information that combines informative ads also are possible. 

Strengthening customer relationship  

In Internet customers for individual services, it is provided to be able to in terms of a particular customer the most suitable proposals to be there, with our customer’s long-term relationships reinforce being there. Internet via customer connections and sales data structured management and Web site registration into the management through consumer information search and trading act Marketing and variables to be linked could help to be there. 

Various marketing activities 

Businesses Internet through selling a product or a service for our customers to contact us quickly respond can and, search engines and web robots such technology by competitors such as trends relatively in a short time insight may have. In addition, the new product features or the price to the consumer of a reaction low at the expense check to see it be there. Internet marketing exists in the media than these same characteristics have it. 

First, the time and space constraints, without a former world stage this activity is possible. 

Computer and modem, communication, the program that if anyone in internet marketing by connecting the world connected to the computer and the interaction to be there. In particular, the commercial purpose with internet marketing to use if, affordable and cost-effective worldwide to internet marketing can have. 

Second, Internet marketing is a network method without a separate owner. 

Internet marketing is a global network all access can have the desired product disposal information obtained may have. Individuals or companies own the site open and operating hereunder do otherwise constrained not a global network of your own as you may have. 

Third, internet marketing is a global network tool with infinite potential. 

Internet performance multimedia technology and digital communication technology with the development because the day is improved and the network is becoming highly intelligent according to internet marketing developments are likely to be infinite. 

Fourth, Internet marketing is the cheapest global network method. 

It can be used only by preparing a simple device for computer communication and communication software. 

Fifth, Internet marketing is interactive with feature

In Internet Marketing Internet using a different user at the same time, bidirectional communication transactions to be performed can be time and space constraints that reduce the role to. 


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