Influencer Marketing Trends That Won’t Work For You


Since the last few years, influencer marketing has emerged as a game-changing marketing practice for businesses looking for increased sales, brand awareness, or traffic. Today influencer marketing has made its place in the digital marketing plan that delivers fruitful results.

However, the way influencer marketing works years back has changed today. With each passing day, the marketers use social media channels in versatile ways to present the content and generate a new user base.

So if you are new to influencer marketing, you should know that some trends won’t work today at all.

Collaborating Only With Macro Influencers: Most of you already know that today tons of people have more than 100K followers across any social channel. This makes them a potential influencer in the market. However, you will be amazed to know that these influencers have only a 1.1 percent average engagement rate.

So, if you think that working exclusively with macro-influencers will work, it’s a wrong decision. Regardless of the audience base, you should also check the niche, user behavior, and how the influencer can benefit you. If you want to get into influencer marketing, always consider renowned influencers like Emilie Haney.

Following Barter Option for Payment: The competition for influencer marketing has increased, and hence the way payments were made earlier has also changed. Nowadays, the traditional barter option is no more in use. The primary reason behind this is, businesses can’t predict the results. Hence they mostly prefer commission-based promotion.

This is a great way to deal with new influencers as it entirely depends upon the conversion/revenue they generate from their content.

Putting Efforts on Single Channel: Today, YouTube is the largest social platform generating many influencers. However, this doesn’t mean it is the only way to promote your business/services/products. Instead, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., are other options. Another, e.g., TikTok, was a massive hit in India before the government banned it.

So, it’s always a good practice to consider multiple social channels and work with various influencers to bring users from all possible social platforms. You should also note that Influencer Marketing and SEO have a relation to some extend. Running a successful influencer marketing campaign helps you in SEO results.

Short Term Association: It’s evident that influencers get multiple collaboration requests every day. Working with all of them will doubt their credibility and reliability. Hence it’s always a smart move to work with limited influencers that can deliver quality content for long.

Offering Paid/Bot Followers: You should always find all possible options to help the influencer in content promotion. But, you should never provide them paid or bot followers, which are of no use. Offering paid followers doubt the legitimacy of the audience base. Further, the conversion rate is compromised with fake or bot followers.

So, these are some trends that won’t work for you anymore. If you are passionate about running a successful Influencer Marketing Campaign, it’s essential to research well and overcome challenges to get fruitful results.


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