Incredible Baseball Betting Tips & Predictions


Baseball Betting

Baseball betting is quite different from betting on football. Since the majority of games are decided by a run or two, there is nothing practice to have a spread like football. Rather than, sportsbook with a money line can be used for baseball betting. The money line can also be used for other sports activities.

The money line explains the amount of money laid and won when betting on either the favorite or the underdog. The highest negative money line explains the favorite team and the lowest shows the underdog. The most common type is the favorite with a negative line and the underdog with a positive one. The money line is generally based on $100 bet. The money line might also look confusing to the novice player betting the game for the first time it is really easy to know.

Money line example

Let’s assume that the Yankees are playing the Red Sox and the Yankees are the favorite. So, the money line will be

  • Yankees – 140
  • Red Sox +120

If you are willing to bet on the Yankees who are the favorites, you can put up $140. If you win, you may get $240 give you a $100 profit. In short, you have to risk $140 in order to get $100.

On the other hand, if you want to take the underdog Red Sox, you can wager $100 and get $220 if you won. It means you risk $100 to get $120.

The Vig

The sportsbook makes their money on sports bet via getting a commission on every bet takes place. This is known as Vig or Vigorish. It is the difference between what is wagered and what is won. When it comes to baseball betting, the sportsbook makes its money when the favorite team loses. According to the above example, if the Yankees lost the sportsbook can make $20. They can get $140 for the losing bet, but payout $120 for the winning bet. The sportsbook can adjust the line if one team is favored to get it more enticing to bet the underdog.


In baseball, the pitchers are highly important. The money line is made on the basis of the starting pitchers for the sports activities. Here, when a pitching change before the game and an unscheduled pitcher starts, the money can be adjusted. You can place a bet on baseball several ways depending on the pitching.

You can bet the game as “action” – meaning that the bet is live on the matter if they are changed before the baseball or not. If there is an unexpected pitching change, the payout could be different than the odds posted for the starting money line, but the best is still active.

You can place a bet on the basis of the starting pitchers listed when you make your bet. Here, one of the pitchers either Johnson or Wakefield does not start the game you bet could be voided as well as your original wager will be returned. You can place a bet on the game based on a pitcher for one team. If you want to bet on the Yankees with Johnson pitching and you did not care who the Red Sox were starting then your wage would be active since Johnson started for the Yankees.

The Run Line

The run line can be used in baseball betting when one team is a favorite. A number of runs can be reduced from the score of the favorite team. This is similar to the Football. However, if you bet on the run line, the favorite becomes the underdog.


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