Increase your sales area with tent hire Auckland


Whether you are an independent trader or distributor of a brand, you certainly have the need, even the necessity, to increase your sales area. What solution is possible? A tent hire might be a good one. 

Extend the sales area to cope with a seasonal influx

With the sunny days, there is both a need to offer seasonal items and an influx of customers resulting from the public interest in these products. This is all the more obvious if you are exercising in a tourist area.

Outdoor, camping and garden items, as well as botanicals, materials and tools, are all seasonal products that need to be presented to generate sales and whose exposure impacts the available surface of your point. of sale. Increasing its sales area potential during a seasonal period makes perfect sense in these circumstances and the provision of a marquee or a temporary storage tent is required as the solution.

Tent hire to increase the sales area

Renting a tent is the best solution in this context. Indeed, the implementation and installation of a storage tent are carried out in extremely short time.

Just as the cost is attractive, you keep control of the operation’s budget. You should also know that these temporary storage solutions are flexible and that, as a manufacturer, tent hire Auckland is able to meet your specific needs, through precise customization of your temporary sales area. This is particularly the case if you want specific finishes in terms of panels, floors, openings, etc.

Benefits of the tent hire as a seasonal extension

  • Economical solution for a temporary extension
  • Available very quickly for rental
  • Assembly in 48 hours
  • All sizes and surfaces
  • Many options and possible finishes
  • Installs directly on your asphalt or compacted soil
  • Does not require foundation
  • Very quick disassembly at the end of the period
  • For a period of less than 3 months, does not require a building permit


It is obvious that the rental of an auxiliary structure such as a temporary storage tent in Auckland remains by far the easiest solution to implement and the most economical to face a seasonal influx in trade and distribution, in particular. significantly increasing the exhibition and sales area.


Manufacturer of removable modular structures intended for sale or rental, tent hire Auckland has the means and the experience to advise you if you need an extension.

Achieve exceptional sales under a tent

On All Saints’ Day and Christmas, certain products specific to the period should be highlighted. In particular, the flowers that will decorate the graves of our loved ones or the fir trees that will illuminate our homes. This is also the case with promotional offers or summer leisure.

All Saints’ Day flowers and Christmas trees

On All Saints’ Day, garden centers and supermarkets (supermarkets and supermarkets) sell Chrysanthemums or other flowers. At Christmas, it is around the trees to get noticed. The colors of the flowers and the lights of the Christmas trees will attract the attention of customers . There are a lot of seasonal sales for which a marquee would be sufficient. This is particularly the case with promotional offers.

Promotional offers

At the time of the start of the school year, the sales or the summer, it is an opportunity to highlight seasonal products.  The good deals are gathered in one and the same place and correspond to the same theme (elements for camping, sales on furniture 

Marquee in Auckland

Other successes for gourmets during the summer are tent in Auckland! The materials used for the manufacture are the same as for the capitals. On the other hand, parts, dimensions and shapes must be readjusted to the needs of traders. Everyone can personalize them with the colors of their choice so that they are showy and eye-catching.

Distinct spaces

But then which layout to choose for a tent? Several solutions are available to you.

You can choose to set up tents in the parking lot of the shopping center . Separate from the store, it is necessary to have an employee taking care of the cash register. In addition, customers risk not going through the shopping arcade since their primary objective is to buy their tree. On the other hand, it makes it possible to de- clutter the checkouts in the shopping center and makes it easier to transport the tree to the car.

Another solution is to attach a tent to the store . You can leave a store door open which leads to the Christmas tree sales marquee. Thanks to the connecting gutters, the rain does not seep in . Finally, to facilitate delivery and installation, curtains with a central lacing opening can be installed.


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