Importance of Online Newspaper


It is evident how the media is consistently transforming. In this digital era, everyone is having access to high-end devices. At the same time, people are getting more aware of current happenings. They just want to stay updated with everything going around the globe.  Keeping these aspects in mind, the importance of Punjabi newspaper is highly felt.

It is good to see that number of online newspaper launching has increased in recent times. Many people still wonder about the advantages of these online newspapers as the electronic and print media is active. In this context, discussed below are some crucial aspects of making the importance of online newspapers highly felt.

Lower cost:

The idea of an online newspaper is not just beneficial for the viewers; it is equally crucial for the publishers as well. It doesn’t need the establishment of any physical newsroom. Naturally, the budget requirements get lower. It means someone enthusiastic about journalism doesn’t need to worry about the budget.

Providing access at fingertip:

Starting from the students, politicians, to investors, staying updated with current happenings is important for all. From this perspective, online newspapers seem crucial. It provides access to instant updates at the fingertip.

Beneficial for advertisers:

A newspaper is not just a medium for news publishing; it’s a powerful platform for the advertisers as well. From an advertising perspective, online newspapers are much more effective. Starting from banners, display, multimedia, to even videos, there are multiple options of advertising available with online newspapers.


Media has become so much powerful in modern times due to its intuitiveness. This can be thoroughly realized through online newspapers. One can easily communicate with the publishers, leave their feedbacks, etc. Most importantly, leaving comments or replying to the comments is also easier over these platforms. As evident, online news platforms have turned into excellent public discussion forums. All these aspects make online newspaper options way lot interactive.


The mode of content presentation is numerous through online platforms. Apart from regular written content, there is also the option of image slideshows for greater comprehension of the reader. It thus provides a huge range of access points for the concerned site. In short, it is accomplishing for both the readers and the publishers.

Greater scope of revenue generation:

The intention of every news platform has always been about serving the truth or updated information. At the same time, the concerned platform has to think of revenue generation as well. From this perspective, online newspaper platforms provide every reason to be preferred. They come up with a huge range of revenue generation options. As the scope of advertisement publishing is huge, it gets easier for the news sites to generate greater revenues.

No missing of news:

There is no chance of missing important news through online newspapers. In the case of print media and electronic media, one has to remain available at a specific time. There is absolutely no such obligation required. Anyone can visit the concerned online news site anytime and go through the content. Through the options of subscriptions, one can get news straight within the mail inbox or phone inbox. Some even come up with a notification button system, which notifies the user the moment the news arrives. It means there is no chance at all to miss important news.


Online newspapers are available absolutely for free for anyone interested in news. In any other mode, be it about electronic or print, an audience has to pay a certain amount for the news. But there is no need for anything such. These platforms serve news anytime, and absolutely for free. In this era of digitization, almost everyone has internet access.

Similarly, the cost of the internet is also getting negligible. At the same cost of the internet, one can enjoy various other things along with the news. This facility is not available with electronic or print media. One has to pay for a channel, and print newspapers are also getting costly. Keeping all these things in mind, an online newspaper seems way a lot beneficial.

Relevant in era of globalisation

The world is getting shorter and interconnected. In this era of globalization, it becomes important to have updates on world news. Starting from the businessmen, students, to the sports enthusiasts, everyone wants to know about the happenings of their segments.

Needless is to say that print and electronic news platforms don’t fulfill such world news efficiently. Earlier people had to expend extra amounts for such global news. On the other hand, online newspapers are way lot reliable in this context. One doesn’t need to expend any extra money. It thus is a great privilege for the world news seekers.

Serves research news:

In modern times, the news is no more just about information. People want to complete research on time or want to explore all its dimensions. In this context, newsreaders eagerly want various suggestions, opinions, feedback, etc. Though electronic media offer various debate shows, it’s not always enough or is quite limited.

Moreover, one has to remain available at a specific time for these shows. Print newspapers can only offer a few editorial posts in this context. Keeping all these aspects in mind, online newspapers seem way a lot beneficial. One can explore a massive range of news at fingertip through a single platform. Making contributions is easy, these sites provide easier access to research articles and posts.

Apart from this, online newspapers are beneficial from an environmental point of view as well, in comparison to print papers. All in all, online newspapers hold a lot of importance for modern-day newsreaders.


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