Impact Of Covid19 On Courier Delivery Services


Novel Corona Virus COVID-19 has bought down the entire world by storm and the courier services, freight, and logistics companies are no exception. A lot of courier delivery services company all over the world have suspended their operations due to a variety of factors, be it a shortage of staff, inaccessibility of trucks to all parts of the country and the shutting down of international borders has led to the freight services company operations coming down to a halt. The impact of COVID 19 on courier delivery services has been on various levels. Some of the ways by which the industry has been affected are provided below.

Choked facilities at airports

The various governments all over the world had closed their borders but permitted the passage of essential goods and services import and export to countries around the globe. For instance, one could take the scenario of India exporting hydroxychloroquine to all parts of the world as it was seen as one of the medical combinations to treat the disease. Though the packages arrived on time at the airport, the unboxing of the various packages received seemed to be a heavy task. In the place where at least 200 employees of a particular logistics services company are in place, only 10 were permitted. When the offloading from the airport itself took so long, even the delivery of the most essential services took more than half of the usual time.

Unable to clear the customs

The custom clearance seemed to be a huge tedious part of the delivery services even in normal times. In times of pandemic like COVID-19, the packages had to be handled with extra care because it has to be disinfected and used carefully. The number of staff at the customs clearance office also went down drastically which further delayed the process.

Heavy loss due to sudden announcement of lockdown

When the lockdown was announced in various parts of the world, many freight services were undertaking their services, the cargo operations were mid-way in the sea and the trucks were deployed for interstate transport. Also, a lot of courier services companies had already gotten paid for the products to be delivered which led to clashes between the customer and the company asking for the return of money. The warehouses were overflowing with goods that were of the non-essential category and the lack of movement of goods between the borders left many drivers clueless which in turn heavily impacted the company. The supply chain cycle was badly disrupted and people had to look for ways to manage with the scarce resources available.

Loss of jobs

A lot of truck drivers who are deployed with these companies are usually paid on an everyday basis or the basis of completion of a project. When the lockdown was announced, all the delivery services came to a huge halt and the truck drivers were made to stay in makeshift tents.

Lack of revenue led to less to zero discounts

The courier delivery services company usually offers good discounts to those who book bulk orders. When the volume is large, then the customer can avail of a huge offer. As the companies have already exhausted all the revenue, they have acquired all over the years, there are very few chances of providing discounts. This will cause a serious hit as people would go for the postal services or their competitors to get cheaper prices not minding the longer time it takes for delivery.

But There Is Still a Courier Service working day and night for you.

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