Huge Breasts Causing Problems? Consider Breast Reduction Surgery


Huge Breast Problems

Disappointed from your large breasts? Disproportionally large breasts can cause some problems such as neck pain, back pain, or some other physical problems. One might consider breast reduction surgery if facing any of these problems. Some common problems caused by huge breasts are:

  • The weight of large breasts can cause pain in the shoulders, neck, or back. There can be a pain in breasts too.
  • Large breasts often trap moisture under them causing rashes or other skin infections.
  • Bras might not be able to fully support the breasts in case they are large causing deep grooves on the shoulders.
  • Some women have reported numbness in breasts due to their large size. There can be numbness in other body parts if large breasts block the nerve path or cause poor posture.
  • Large breasts limit the number of physical activity women can do. They are unable to perform daily chores or exercise.
  • Shortness of breath can be caused by large-sized breasts.
  • Headaches are also reported in some cases.

Most of these symptoms can be managed with massages, heat packs, physical therapy, medication, etc. However, these treatments do not affect the cause of the pain.

A better solution to this problem is breast reduction surgery. It deals with the cause of the problem. The surgery allows you to reduce the size of the breasts and eliminate the weight and the size issues.

In some cases, even men undergo breast reduction surgery to reduce man boobs. Most men and women who undergo breast reduction surgery are very satisfied. It is major surgery.


Before undergoing the surgery, one must consult a surgeon. The consultant generally talks about all your medical history, if you’ve any lump removed from your breasts removed before or anything else that affects your breasts. You’ll need to tell your family’s medical history too.

One must be completely open with the consultant. There’s no use of hiding anything. Tell the surgeon about all the physical and emotional issues you’re dealing with.

Further, the surgeon might want to take pictures of your breasts and discuss how much of the breast tissue can be removed. You’ll get all the details of the surgery before undergoing one.

Surgeons will also need to know about your smoking and drinking habits or any kind of drug abuse in life. Do not lie about these things or else there can be fatal repercussions.

Preparations for the surgery

After the surgery, one has to ensure a proper posture to allow proper healing. So, there are a few instructions to follow.

Before one undergoes the surgery, he/she must get the home ready for the recovery phase of the surgery. The following should be always present at home:

  • A lot of ice
  • Loose and comfortable t-shirts
  • Clean towels and washcloths
  • Any kind of ointments or creams recommended by the surgeon.

One must have somebody ready to help him/her for some days after the breast reduction surgery and drive him/her home after the surgery. The next few days after the surgery are crucial. One must take good care of oneself.


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