How you can stay healthy during this lockdown?

healthy during this lockdown

COVID-19 Corona virus present to us all with challenges in the daily course of life with serious cases. It is not only about adjusting to the pandemic situation but also facing hurdles to survive in life. This big period of change and uncertainty is important and we all to stay back at home to fight back the ill effects of corona virus.

You must be feeling bore staying back at home for so many months. Here are some tips which will help you gather information about how you can stay healthy during the lockdown. We set off now:

Schedule a routine for a day

It is important that you divide your day’s activities within periods. This is so that it becomes easy for you to complete the task. Preparing a daily chore routine will help you to work, relax and exercise together every day by breaking free boredom. Try to wake up early and sleep at the same time. We can read good blog posts to spent some good time.

Refresh your mood with good food

Do not simply start chewing whatever you get. Try to create a nutritious food chart. Try not to rely on the comfort and inconvenient foods during this lockdown. Fatty foods help in growing more fats and make you lethargic.  This lockdown might give rise to immense fats if you do not check upon your food intake.

Keep your body hydrated

Since you are missing too much of hard work, you must drink 6-8 glasses of water or fluid in a day. This indeed is going to maintain the rate of hydration within the body. A good supply of water or juices in your body helps in the functioning of the body parts well. You must drink up to 10-12 glasses of water of you are exercising on that particular day.

Slow down and avoid caffeine

It is important that you exercise some slow deep breath to purify the condition of the lungs. The level of anxiety is reset and you are cool and calm from within. The breathing exercise should be four in number while you intake and five in number when you breathe out. Excess caffeine is going to reduce your sleep from your daily schedule. Excess intake is going to turn things worse.

Stay Connected to dear ones

Due to heavy scheduling, it becomes tough to stay in connection with our relatives, friends and family. This lockdown makes sure you utilize some of your time to call them up and talk to them. The elders those who are vulnerable would love to attend your phone call once you express the desire.

Final Words

Spend some time with nature also. Notice the home plants and water the plants in your garden. This lockdown is worse from one end but it is going to mend the relationship between individuals, with nature and also the surroundings. So, stay safe and protect your thoughts from failing even in self-isolation.



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