How Yoni Steam Baths Can Help With Fertility


Over the years, various methods of aiding fertility have come into vogue. This includes getting IVF treatments, opting for donors, choosing surrogates, and so on. A more organic and natural method that is now in vogue is the Yoni steam bath. Arising from the Maya Abdominal Therapy, this is actually an age-old method that has been in use for aiding fertility.

Women have used it for centuries. A yoni steam bath can ease cramps during menstruation. It is also believed to relieve symptoms of bruising, reduce bloating and help after childbirth. You can also get a yoni steam bath for fertility help. One can engage in a yoni steam bath both at home or at a spa. However, the latter is certainly more comfortable. Spas offer special seats for those interested in the venture. Let us take a deeper look at how the bath helps.

Portable yoni steam

What Is A Yoni Steam Bath?

In a lot of ways, a yoni steam bath offers the benefits of techniques such as aromatherapy. It involves a complete cleansing of the uterus. The bathwater formula contains various elements depending on its nature. The boiling water infuses the goodness of the herbs.

A person can sit on the seat and enjoy a warm steam bath. There are also hand-held yoni steamers available in the market. But getting the formula right is something only those who are trained in it can do. Some top items in use are lavender, yarrow,  basis, oregano, and more.

Benefits Of A Yoni Steam Bath

Generally, one can continue this session for as short as twenty minutes. The long-lasting sessions may go on for up to an hour. Here are a few of the benefits you can get from a session.

  • Reduction of stress
  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Alleviates symptoms of pain
  • Helps with cramps and bloating during the menstrual cycle
  • Can be soothing after childbirth
  • Can help with general pain and bruising around the muscles
  • Increase infertility
  • Cleansing of the vaginal area

When Can One Undergo A Yoni Steam Bath For Fertility?

If you are considering a yoni steam bath for fertility, it is possible that you are on other treatments as well. This may include IVF rounds or induced ovulation cycles. Hence, one may wonder how a yoni steam bath should be timed during these events.

  • During Regular Menstrual Courses

If you experience painful periods, see the dark or thick matter, then a yoni steam bath can be greatly beneficial. You can indulge in a steam bath a few days after your periods are over. This will also help to cleanse the region.

  • While On IVF Treatment

Adding a Yoni steam bath for fertility during your IVF treatment can make it work better! You can indulge in a steam bath up to 2 times a month during this. It is best to take a bath right before the drug administration for the first time. The second time can be before the scheduled day of transfer. This will lubricate and open up the vaginal canal. It will also make it easier for the catheter or swab.

  • During Induced Ovulation Procedures

The rules here are the same as those for IVF. You can engage once before drug administration. And then finally on the day or the day before your procedure.

How Safe Is A Yoni Steam Bath?

Being a natural remedy, yoni steam baths are perfectly safe. They do not use any chemicals or inorganic materials. The one concern some people have is that the steam may be too hot. This is where it is better to visit establishments that carry out such things. They will offer the right mix of herbs and the right temperature steam.

Some herbs can also cause an allergic reaction. If you are pregnant, a yoni steam bath can be great for relieving cramps and stress. However, some herbs can cause a disturbance in the vaginal ecosystem. So, it’s best to consult the professionals!



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