How To Use A Bath Bomb


Before learning about how to use a bath bomb, you should know what actually is a bath bomb? The bath bomb is a skincare product that is mostly made in a round or sphere shape. It contains many different kinds of products which make your skin soft and healthy. It contains butter, flower scents, and different kind of oils. When you get home after a very tiring day, nothing makes you more relaxed than a warm bath. It won’t be bad if you get more than one benefit. The first bath bomb was built in 1989. They can cheer up your mood and also make bathing fun. It doesn’t just end there with butter and other products. It comes in different types, such as glitters. 

There are different types of custom bath bomb boxes available in the market.

Types Of Bath Bombs 

  • Citrus bath bombs for a lemon or orange flavour finish.
  • Cosmic bath bombs for a dreamy and space kind of finish.
  • Cupcake bath bombs for a super sweet finish.
  • Golden fizzy bath bombs for a glittery finish.Lavender bath bombs for a violet kind of finish with an amazing scent.


  • They create a tranquil atmosphere 
  • They help you get a better sleep 
  • They stabilize your mood

Now let’s talk about how to use a bath bomb?

You just need to unwrap the bath bomb and just leave it inside your bathtub and watch the magic happen. When it starts to works, it melts in water and releases products like butter, scents, and oils and also colours for making bathing fun and for making your skin feel better, healthy, and soft. 

STEP # 1 

It creates a calm vibe in your bath to take away all the stress which you have been taking all day long. You can turn off lights and set candles instead and maybe some rose petals. You can choose your playlist and get some relaxing time. You deserve this. 

STEP # 2 

Prepare your bath bomb to allow your tub to get filled with water. But don’t fill it only with hot water either it will burn your skin or take away all the natural skin oils and leave your skin dried out. This is the last thing you want to do to your skin. Instead, turn your dial down and fill your tub with lukewarm water. 

STEP # 3

You may be tempted to break your bath bomb into half, but it’s better to keep it whole and see the full effect of it. Place your bath bomb in your tub and wait for glitters, scent, and colours to show themselves.

STEP # 4 

Now the time has come to hop into your tub and just lay back and relax and let the bath bomb take away the stress. 

STEP # 5

Customize your bath and add some oils and other products. There is no denying about the work the bath bomb does on your body. But giving your skin an extra touch of moisture is not bad either.

STEP # 6 

Lock in all the moisture from the bath. Once you get out of the tub, grab a moisturizer, apply it on your body and get the long-lasting hydration.


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