How to Transfer Marijuana Seeds Successfully


It is essential to know how to care for marijuana seedlings especially when they are just started. Taking good care of these plants will help them produce healthy buds in time. It also helps reduce the danger if accidentally they are uprooted during their growing period.

Selecting the appropriate kind and correct size of a growing tray, like the ones sold at is crucial for the proper development of your marijuana seedlings. Choose the appropriate type of containers or pots which can properly accommodate the growing stature of your young plants. Some of these seedlings grow fast while some take time to develop fully. The size and type of the tray should be selected accordingly. Avoid selecting the wrong size because this may cause them to get damaged. Transplanting marijuana seedlings during their growing stage is not advisable because it’s not advisable to transplant them again during their growing stage.

If the marijuana seedlings are left in their pots, they would have more chances of getting destroyed because of too much water and warmth. The most common problem with these seedlings is that they get drowned during their growing period. Too much water and overheating are the main reasons why seedling gets destroyed. To prevent them from being destroyed, you need to make sure that you avoid putting too much water in their pots.

When marijuana seedlings are being transplanted, they require careful attention. Before starting the transplanting procedure you must make sure that all the seeds are fully developed and germination has already taken place. You can do this by carefully removing the whole plant from its original container and putting it into a pot with holes with good drainage. The main purpose of this is to allow air to get inside and provide enough warmth for germination. It is best if you transplant marijuana seedlings directly into a dark cupboard that has sufficient amount of light.

One important thing that you must consider is that you should transplant your marijuana seedlings properly. It is recommended that you remove the leaves or any parts of the plant that show signs of leaves withering. Germination can only take place when there is enough space for the roots to move. When the growing tips are damaged and drying up then it is better to put it into a plastic bag and place it in an air tight container. You should also place something that will keep the roots warm like a plastic bag on the plant.

The next thing that you should do is to provide them with receiving enough sunlight. If the plant gets too much sunlight then it might cause damage to the roots as they could rot. This is especially true during hot weather. Make sure that you plant it into a place that is at least six to eight inches away from windows because direct sunlight might also cause damage to your seedlings.

It is also advised that you should not water your seedlings too much. Watering is essential to help the plant grow healthier and stronger. However, the best thing that you should do is to avoid over watering because excessive watering can also cause wilting. You should water your plant every two weeks except when the soil becomes dry.

You should make sure that you transplant your plants properly. Make sure that the place where you are transplanting your plant is away from windows or direct sunlight. Also, make sure that the pot that you are using is big enough. Remember, germination requires an ample amount of light and warmth. It is better to use a pot with holes. The smaller the pot the faster the germination will occur.



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