How to Structure a Dissertation or Thesis in 2020

How to Structure a Dissertation or Thesis in 2020

A thesis or dissertation aims to provide a detailed study about a particular topic. 

A dissertation or a thesis originates for answering various questions or queries that appear in general. In other words, it aims at solving a problem that already prevails in the world in the form of detailed study about the subject. 

The meaning of dissertation or thesis is somewhat similar but it totally depends on your college or university and the variation might also come because of the country you are in. 

Usually, college students have to submit a dissertation or thesis report for assessments, evaluation, etc. 

Students generally choose Dissertation writing services for getting their thesis or dissertation written. It also seems right to choose professional services if you don’t know how to write it. 

But, if you’ve decided to do it yourself, then check out our guide on how to structure a Dissertation or Thesis in 2020

Introduction/Purpose of study

This is the phase where you cover all the details about the purpose of the study or the research. The Introduction explains and tells about the significance of the study and how it is going to solve the questions that it is based on. 

It should have a strong reason about why you want to research a particular matter and how it is going to benefit or add value to the subject with its results. 

Without setting a purpose and clarifying the benefits it will provide, a dissertation or a thesis won’t be considered fruitful. 

Study of the Subject or Literature

This phase involves studying about the subject or the literature. This means that you should study all the previous research about the topic and find out facts and conclusions of these researches. 

This will allow you to find out exact facts already present about the subject or topic and help you to prepare a plan of what you need to find more in your research. 

This phase helps you to build a framework of your research and also gives you insights that are going to help you build a hypothesis about the research. 

State the Methodology

This phase involves stating the method that you used for gathering the data of your research. Explain the whole process of data gathering from start to end. You can also mention the sources of data that you gathered. 

The next step in this phase involves stating your analysis based on the collected data. Don’t forget to mention about the findings from your data collection and why the data collection method you chose was best in comparison to other common methods. 


This phase involves mentioning all the results from your analysis based on the data that you collected. 

Discuss all the results that you came to in context of the subject in this phase. Outline or describe your analysis on the basis of your hypothesis of your analysis.

You can also mention information related to the notes that you made while doing the research which helped in finding out the results.


This phase involves discussing the context or significance of your findings in relation to the subject or your topic on which your dissertation or thesis is based on. 

It does not involve talking or mentioning about your findings but how your findings have contributed to the subject, topic, and solved problems or queries. 

Discuss about how the findings have helped in solving the questions or problems that you mentioned in the framework while starting the thesis. 


This phase involves mentioning about things or problems that you could not find answers to(if any). You need to mention it so that in future if someone tries to conduct a research about the same topic, they would easily find out what is already researched and what they should do next. 

Now is the time to proofread your thesis or dissertation again and again to try and fix each and every mistake before submitting it finally. 


In this article we discussed all the major points that would help you to frame a perfect dissertation or thesis. It would definitely help you in framing one if you’re a college student.

Please don’t forget to share your experience or how this guide helped you in the comment section below. 

Good Luck Researching!


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