How to select your PC Gamer components?


How to select your PC Gamer components?

A PC Gamer is a device that must have very good performance. It goes without saying that most games are large and require high configurations as well as good characteristics on a computer, to be installed and then work without bug. Let’s take a tour of the different elements of which a PC Gamer must be made up.

The choice of motherboard

Pc gamer motherboard

Here’s what a gaming PC motherboard looks like

The motherboard is a centerpiece in the configuration of any computer, especially since without it nothing can work. Indeed, it is the computer component to which all the other components are connected. The choice of motherboard is made in accordance with the processor. The two must indeed be compatible.

Which processor to choose?

The processor of a PC is the very brain that determines its speed. This is why it is important to opt for a processor with high speed.

Two main types of processor are available: AMD and Intel. While it is true that AMD processors are good enough for gaming and offer good value for money, the fact remains that Intel processors generally allow high performance.

For a more detailed guide, see our article on gaming processors.

What about the graphics card?

A PC Gamer must necessarily have a good graphics card. In this area, Nvidia and AMD are the best manufacturers. Click here to go to our article on gamer graphics cards.

  • PC power
  • Cooler Master Power supply for a PC Gamer
  • Pay attention to the choice of your diet!

Here is a fairly important component especially as it provides the energy necessary for the operation of the device. It is always preferable to opt for a power supply box with the automatic regulation function when using a gaming PC or an office PC.

Choosing the right RAM

After the processor, RAM is the component that determines the overall speed of the computer. It is better to choose a fairly large RAM: 8G Giga minimum and 16 Giga ideally. Also take a look at its frequency which must be at least 1600 MHz.

Regarding the PC case

A pc gamer case

There are different types of PC Gamer cases

Desktop PC cases come in different types and in different shapes. Opt for those who are unlikely to shock you. Pay particular attention to the material of incorporation. For the rest, it’s all about taste.

Find here our selection of PC cases for gamers.

Which hard drive to choose?

SSD hard drives generally perform better than HDD hard drives. But the former are more expensive. If your budget is tight, a large HDD is already a good option.

Here is our article on choosing the hard drive of a gaming PC.

Watercooling or cooler to cool the PC?

It is all about preference and budget. However, note that the coolers are a good value for money. As for watercooling, it is much more efficient, quieter but also more expensive.

Don’t forget the wifi card to play online

If you cannot connect with an ethernet cable, consider adding a wifi card to your configuration.

In addition to your configuration, consider looking at our gamer peripherals purchasing guides .

Find components at the best price

When you have a limited budget, saving a few euros on each component can quickly allow you to have a complete and more efficient configuration for much cheaper. So how do you save on the components?

First of all, commercial sites like, Top Achat or LDLC often promote certain components. Look regularly at promotions and flash sales from these sites.

If you’re in a bit of a hurry and don’t want to wait for a promotion, you can also look at price comparators online like there are many on the internet. Focus on the trio of processor, graphics card and motherboard at the start. Once you have the start of a PC configuration with these three components, you can easily find the other components with a promotion; you will have many more choices.


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