How to Select the Right Location for Your AC?


The different types of air conditioning will be more effective if they are well positioned in your home. Its performance will be optimal and it will consume less energy.

For the inside unit, the parts to be fitted and the airflow will have to be taken into account. While for the outdoor unit, orientation and reduction of a nuisance for the neighborhood are essential.

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How to Position the AC Outdoor Unit?

The installation of an air conditioner requires a few rules to respect, particularly for installing the external unit. The notion of noise will be very important in your choice of installation of the outdoor unit of your AC.

If the manufacturers work to limit noise, the compressor in the appliance will always produce a little. To avoid neighbourhood disturbances, be sure to leave a reasonable distance between the equipment and your neighbors’ homes. On the other hand, to ensure your comfort, avoid installing it next to your bedroom windows.

Finally, it will be necessary to ensure the right operation of your reversible air conditioning, protecting it from harsh weather phenomena. Thus, installing the outdoor unit in an open space is better while avoiding placing it directly or facing solid winds.

So, whenever you need services for AC installation in Johar Town, Lahore, book a professional to ensure both comfort and peace of mind.

Where to Place AC Indoor Units?

The advice of your technician will help you choose the most economical location. In all cases, several criteria must be studied. Thus, the cooling of your room, its ventilation, or its sunshine will influence the positioning of your air conditioning.

For your home to be well air-conditioned, there is no need to equip all the rooms. First and foremost, you will need to think about the rooms you find most suffocating and uncomfortable during a scorching episode. So, you will determine the ideal location for your indoor units, mainly in living rooms: living room, office, bedrooms…

If you choose wall units, you will need to place them about ten centimeters below your ceiling, or more than 2m high, for air distribution throughout the room. In the case of consoles, fix them above the baseboards, as for a radiator, leaving the space around free, for unhindered air distribution.

In the case of ducted air conditioning, you will have the advantage of having distribution outlets in all the rooms to be fitted, provided you have a false ceiling. This air conditioning system is the most discreet on the market; only the ventilation grilles are visible. However, it can only be considered for new constructions or during major renovations.

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Word of Caution for AC Repair and Installation

The proper functioning of your air conditioning will also depend on details to remember. Sometimes the improper layout of your indoor unit can cause unwanted effects. Several installation errors should therefore be avoided:

  • Do not install a split in front of a heat source. In a veranda, any form of heat would cancel the work of your air conditioning. There is also no need to place a split in a room with a door leading to the outside because of the air inlets caused at each passage.
  • Avoid installation in a hallway. This maneuver, designed to air condition several rooms at the same time, is unnecessary. The split will be based on the temperature of the corridor and not on that of your rooms.
  • Do not equip kitchen and bathroom. The diffusion of hot or cold air could be inconvenient when leaving a shower. Your split’s life could be reduced in a kitchen because of the steam and fat generated during cooking.
  • Limit the temperature differences between inside and outside when programming your equipment to avoid any thermal shock.
  • Do not direct the air directly at you. It will be necessary to ensure that the splits are not placed directly in front of the sofa, the dining table, or your bed. The cold air could feel like a draft and eventually cause a headache or sore throat.

These different recommendations will allow you to arrange your air conditioning according to the rules of the art. However, if you still need professional help for installation or AC repair in Johar Town, Lahore, book through Mr. Mahir app.


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