How to Score good marks in Rajasthan Judiciary 2021 Exam?


The High Court of Rajasthan will be conducting the Rajasthan Judicial Services Exam to appoint Civil Judges in the Rajasthan Judiciary. The Rajasthan Judicial Exam 2021 will be conducted in three stages, and the first stage will be the Preliminary Examination. The candidates get selected basis their performance in Prelims, Mains and Interview. Read here – how to score good marks in Rajasthan Judiciary 2021 exam.

Rajasthan Judiciary 2021 Exam: Preparation Strategy 

In the Preliminary Examination, the candidates need to attempt hundred objective type questions from Law, Hindi and English subjects. 70 questions from the Law and the rest from Hindi and English subjects. The candidates should be well versed with the syllabus before starting the preparation. There is no negative marking which implies candidates can attempt all the hundred questions in 2 hours easily.

Rajasthan Judiciary 2021 Exam: Preliminary Exam Law Paper-I and Paper-II Preparation Strategy

The Law Paper-I’s syllabus includes the primary laws or the bare acts passed by the Government of India such as The Specific Relief Act’1963, The Constitution of India, Code of Civil Procedure’1908, Indian Contract Act’1872, The Rajasthan Rent Control Act’2001, Transfer of Property Act’1882. In the Law Paper-II, some more laws passed by the Government of India over the years have been included. Some of them are the Indian Penal Code’1860, The Indian Evidence Act’1872, The Code of Criminal Procedure’1973, The Negotiable Instruments Act’1881, and others. The candidates should do the following to clear the Law Paper-I with higher scores:

  1. Solve lots of Rajasthan Judiciary previous years’ papers to get the basic idea of questions coming in the Exam. Preliminary Examination includes multiple-choice questions in which the candidates need to pick the correct answer. It can be effortless for the candidate if he knows the answer but can be tricky if there is some confusion.
  2. Objective type Rajasthan Judiciary Services (RJS) Notes are also available for the candidate to prepare efficiently for the questions coming in the Exam.
  3. Get the Rajasthan Judiciary Services books written by Best Authors for learning the rules and regulations given in the Acts.
  4. Solved Rajasthan Judiciary Previous years’ papers will provide you with the topics that get repeated regularly. The candidates should practice the Criminal Procedure Act, Indian Evidence Act, Civil Procedure, and the Constitution of India thoroughly.
  5. There is a possibility the candidates will get some questions from the newly added Acts.
  6. Learn the sections/chapters by the heart of the bare acts and practice at least 650 questions from the bigger Acts & 400 questions from the more minor Acts.
  7. The candidates should practice Judiciary papers from other states also.

Rajasthan Judiciary 2021 Exam: Preliminary Exam Law English and Hindi Preparation Strategy

English and Hindi subjects constitute fifteen marks each, and the syllabus includes the grammar portion. The topics include Tenses, Antonyms, Synonyms, Active & Passive Voice, Phrasal Verbs and Idioms, and similar topics. The candidates should do the following to get higher scores in the English/Hindi Exam:

  1. Read Regular Newspapers and Magazines to increase your vocabulary.
  2. Read Dictionary daily to learn Synonyms and Antonyms.
  3. Practice MCQs from previous years’ papers and check your accuracy level.
  4. Get some Grammar Books and clear the basics of the topics getting consistently incorrect.

Rajasthan Judiciary Services: Overall Preparation Tips

The candidates should take a look at the following tips to prepare well for Rajasthan Judiciary 2021 Exam.

  1. The candidates need to study bare acts and prepare their notes.
  2. Practice at least 650 questions from the more significant Acts and 400 questions from more minor acts.
  3. Solving Rajasthan Judiciary previous years’ papers to get an idea about questions coming in the Exam.
  4. Learn the new Acts added in the syllabus as questions can come from these newly formed laws.
  5. Get the best books for the preparation of Rajasthan Judiciary written by renowned authors.
  6. Practice grammar and read the Dictionary to enhance vocabulary.

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