How To Save On Utilities For The Winter


It’s winter time again! While your kids may be over the Moon because of the winter holidays and snow, you are starting to prepare for higher utility bills. You probably blame your utility company for this. But, think again. Is there anything you could do better to improve the situation? Well, yes you can. Here’s what.

1. Why You Have A Higher Winter Utility Bill And How To Lower It

Most people use winter days to relax and get lazy. Yet, your HVAC system doesn’t have that privilege. With lower temperatures, you have to keep your heating system on constantly to keep your Ohio home warm. Besides heating, there are some other things in your home you can improve to lower your winter utility bills.

The insulation on your house

Naturally, with lower winter temperatures it becomes harder to keep your house warm. No matter where you live, poor insulation will get you higher bills during winter. As the temperature goes down, it becomes more difficult to keep warm air in.

So, improve the insulation on your house if possible. It will significantly lower your Illuminating Company bills while keeping your home warm.

Your heating system

Did you know that your heating system is the number one energy consumer in your house? No matter whether you use electricity or natural gas for heating, your bills will be high if you don’t use the energy wisely.

There is no need to turn your Ohio home into a small sauna during the cold winter days. Lowering the temperature on your thermostat will lower your energy consumption and, thus, your utility bills as well.

Decoration lights

Many people love winter because of the holidays. And, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be much of the holidays without decorations and lights. They make us feel festive. Yet, keeping your decoration lights on for a long time can be a bit expensive.

But, there is a way to enjoy the holidays and still save some money on your electricity bills. If you buy LED decoration lights you will be pleasantly surprised when you see your next electricity bill. Another great way to save some energy this winter is to get a smart plug for your decorations.

2. Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Let’s be honest, it is not easy to save energy, especially in winter. Yet, if you try changing some of your energy consumption habits you could save a lot of energy in your home and start getting lower utility bills.

Get a programmable thermostat

One way to significantly lower your Illuminating Company utility bill this winter is to invest in a smart thermostat. It is a great option for your home because you can control the temperature even when you are not there. This means that you can lower the temperature when there is nobody at home or during the nighttime when everyone is sleeping. The smart thermostat will make your heating system more efficient. And, an efficient heating system can cut your energy bill in half.

Use curtains

Believe it or not, curtains and blinds can significantly lower energy consumption in your home. If you keep them open during sunny days, the sunlight will help keep the space warm. It means that you will be able to lower the temperature on your heating system and save a lot of energy this way.

Also, if you keep the curtains closed during the cold days, they will keep the warm air inside. This way you can easily control the energy consumption and your home is warmer.

Seal leaks

A leaky house can be the cause of many household problems. A high energy bill is only one of them. There are many places where cold air can get in and the warm get out of your house. If the warm air can get out easily it will make warming the house more difficult. So, make sure to check your doors and windows first. If you can feel the air near them it means that there is a leak there. You should seal the leak and keep the warm air inside. It’s your house you want to keep warm, not your garden, right?

Final thoughts

For many people, winter is the most expensive time of year. There are many reasons for this – but high utility bills are one of the biggest ones. But if you apply some of these tips you can significantly improve your finances this season. It’s worth trying.



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