How to save more water during the washing of your clothes


IFB washing machines guarantee to save water while washing clothes. Read this article to know why you should buy IFB washing machines.

Washing Clothes

Technology is changing by the minute, and Smart Electronic equipment is transforming into Smartest. Some decades back the soiled clothes used to be washed by hands, but now things are different. With the invention of Washing machines, the washing of clothes has become automated. You will have to spend some extra money on buying the equipment, be it a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine or a state-of-the-art Automatic Washing Machine.

Washing Machines

A washing machine is equipment to wash different types of clothes without any physical effort. The washing machine enables you to wash your clothes automatically, like IFB Washing Machines, saving time and energy over supervising its operation. You will have to put your clothes in the drum, select the wash mode according to the fabric. There are two types of washing machines, Semi-Automatic washing machines and Fully Automatic washing machines (Top Load and Front Load).

Semi-Automatic washing machine

  • A semi-automatic washing machine is the most cost-effective common  Manually controlled washing machine available
  • They come in the top-loading variant and have two separate tubs for washing and drying. One has to squeeze the washed clothes and then dump them into the dryer tub.
  • Uses more detergent and water in its washing cycle 
  • Semi-automatic washing machines need constant upkeep and are bulky
  • Single tub semi-automatic washing is also available nowadays which contains some features of fully automatic washing machines.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

  • Single motor and single tub which is used for washing, rinsing, and drying.
  • Shorter Wash cycles
  • This variant automatically takes in the amount of water, detergent, time for washing, rinsing, and drying as per the selected mode, and the number of clothes.
  • The Water Saving and Energy-saving options are automatically set for different loads of clothes dumped in for washing. 
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comes in two variants Top Load and Front Load type
  • There are Washing Machines that come with different loading capacities. For eg: the IFB fully automatic washing comes in 6kg, 6.5 kg, 7 kg, 7.5 kg, 8kg, 8.5kg loading capacity variants with RPM starting from 1000 to 1400. The IFB washing machine prices range from Rs 26,990 to Rs 49,900 based on the features and loading capacities.

IFB Washing Machine

IFB is a major player in the electronic appliance segment. The IFB fully automatic washing machines are favored by most households due to various indigenous features provided. They come in two variants, Top Load, and Front Load. Touch Controls are very user-friendly and you can set water levels accordingly.

IFB Fully automatic washing machines offer some features like Steam function, O2 Bubble wash, 2d & 3D WashSoaks which help in saving water, electricity, and also in delivering clean, crisp, and germ-free clothes.

IFB fully automatic washing machines prices vary according to their loading capacity, and some advanced features. The IFB Fully automatic washing machine prices can vary from Rs 26,990 to Rs 49,900. The company offers also provides discounts, EMI options, and many other offers. 

The fully automatic washing machines come with 4 years 100% Super Warranty and 10 years of spare parts support.

Water-Saving Techniques

  • Selecting a Water efficient washing machine

The first step to feasible usage is buying the right washing machine. Buying water-efficient and high energy efficiency ratings will help cut down on water &energy use. Machines with water-saving features, cold cycles, quick washes, and eco settings are the best ones. 

A fully automatic washing machine like IFB (Front Load) washing machines can up to 70%  less water than a top-loader of the same capacity, energy-efficient, and lightweight as compared to semi-automatic washing machines.

26000 liters per household can be saved by buying/using an efficient fully Smart washing machine.

  • Choose the correct load size

When there are little clothes, you can take advantage of the setting/option “Small Load” which uses less water. 

It is better to avoid small load washing as consolidating washes helps in reducing water wastage and also cut spending more money on electricity bills.

By using the right amount of detergent/liquid soap you can skip the extra rinse cycle and in saving water and electricity.

  • Regularly check for maintenance and repair

The fittings, hoses, and connectors on your pipes can loosen over time, thus allowing water to drip resulting in water waste. Tightening the connections using a wrench or applying other leak fixing techniques can help in stopping the leakage problem

  • Harvesting Greywater

By placing a bucket at the machine’s drain water outlet we can collect the greywater/rinse water. By using all-natural detergents, you can collect greywater which can be used for gardening, etc, and also you can only use the rinse water as well.

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