How To Reduce The Chances Of ‘’Sick Building Syndrome’’ In Your Office By Deep Cleaning?


Sick Building Syndrome SBS is a syndrome in which people suffer from chronic illness. In fact, the environmental conditions in the office building are making you sick. The symptoms of illness are directly linked with the time spent by people in the building. It is not a viral or bacterial infection rather is a collection of disorders caused by many other germs.

What are the causes of SBS:

According to EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency), the main cause of SBS is the unhealthy air of the building. Probably, your AC ducts contain the invisible and harmful viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungus species that indirectly produce symptoms of SBS. However, you can reduce the chances of Sick Building Syndrome by getting professional cleaning services in Dubai.

What are the symptoms of SBS?

The severity of symptoms varies from person to person. Many people feel better after coming out of the building. The most common symptoms of SBS include headache, nausea, cough, chest pain, fatigue, muscle pain, fever, sore throat, skin itching, eye irritation, runny nose, nose bleeds, lack of concentration, hypersensitivity, lack of responsiveness, etc. In case you feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms, call     Ideal Cleaning to provide high-quality office cleaning services in Dubai.

How to reduce SBS by regular cleaning and maintenance?

The weather of Dubai city is perfect for the growth of most of the pathogens. That’s why you should never ignore the regular cleaning and maintenance of the building.

  1. Regular vacuuming:

The office cleaning services in Dubai are suitable for both small-scale and large-scale buildings and offices. The ultra-efficient vacuum cleaners collect 99.9% dust, dirt, and germ particles from hard to reach places. Even vacuum filters can absorb particles with a diameter of less than 0.3 micrometers from sofa, carpets, or rugs.

  1. Cleaning of AC ducts:

You can rely on professional cleaning services in Dubai for the professional-grade cleaning of AC ducts, pipes, condensation unit, outer, etc. The cleaning of the AC ducts makes the air fresh and healthy. Fresh air helps your employees to concentrate on their work.

  1. Regular sanitization and disinfection:

Regular sanitization and disinfection help to eliminate unnecessary pathogens from desks, chairs, floor, stationeryitems, etc. Moreover, it reduces humidity and leaves a good impression on your visitors and investors.

  1. Managing sunlight:

The sunlight is a key factor to reduce the growth of pathogens. If the windows of your office are dirty, they will reduce the penetration of sunlight. The companies that provide window cleaning services in Dubai bring efficient equipment to reach the highest window in the building. A properly cleaned window helps in aeration too.

  1. Reduce auditory and visual strain:

Try to reduce eye strain and noise pollution in the building. You can manage noise pollution by making it a noise-free zone or transferring noisy machines to a separate area. Similarly, you should also reduce eye strain by maintaining safe levels of indoor lighting. Ask your employees to wear glasses while working in front of the screens.


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