How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac?


Recovering files that have been deleted from a Mac due to any reason is a very difficult task. This is the case when you are not aware of the methods that you can use to get back these lost files. By knowing what to do when you lose data on your Mac system, you can recover the lost files quite easily. One of the most used methods of recovering deleted files on Mac is the use of a data recovery software application that is compatible with Mac.


As we already alluded to, you can lose data on your Mac due to several reasons. A few of these reasons include software failure, accidental deletion of data, hard drive failure, formatting of Mac volumes, improper shutdown, corrupted file system, and others. No matter the reason, you will no longer be able to access your data on Mac.

If you mistakenly delete files, you can go to the trash on your Mac system to access those files. However, if you permanently delete files, they will no longer be present in the trash folder of your Mac. This is where it gets tough to get those files back without a data recovery application or the assistance of a service that provides Mac data recovery in Melbourne or your location.

You will be able to delete even the permanent files with these methods because they still exist at some location on the hard drive of the Mac. So the first thing you need to do is to stop using your Mac for a while. If you continue working on it, you will overwrite the lost files with new ones, which will make recovery very difficult.

Now before you make a decision on which data recovery software to use, make sure that you compare a fair few of them to find out which one of those is capable of retrieving data even in the most complex of data loss situations. Also, it should be able to recover files of different types and from HFS and HFS+ systems. To figure out how good an application is, you should first try a demo. If it is good enough, then you can download the full version.

As we mentioned earlier, the first step you need to follow to improve chances of data recovery on Mac is to stop working on the computer as soon as you know that some data has been deleted. If you were working on some files while data loss happened, don’t save that work. If you do, you might write these new files over the ones that have been deleted. You can try connecting the hard drive of the Mac you were working on to another working Mac. See if you can access the deleted files. If it doesn’t, install a data recovery application to retrieve files. In case even this doesn’t work, search for data recovery services in Perth or other location. In most cases, they help Mac users recover deleted files.


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