How To Put Lace Front Wigs On


Lace front wigs are popular among women because of their adaptability and realism. The lace at the front resembles real hair, enabling you to wear the wig in several styles by pulling it away from your face. It’s simple to put on a lacy frontal face wig. Prep your skin and straighten your hair firstly. Set the wig by adjusting the strap and cutting the full lace himan front wigs as needed. Finally, put on the wig with any glue or prosthetic tape. You may fix your frontal face wigs however you’d want when it’s precisely set.

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Preparing to wear the wig

Do patch test: It is important to do a patch test to save you from skin allergies and irritation. As some chemicals don’t suit you so, as a precautionary measure, it is a must to do the patch test.

Make your hair flat: If you want to properly fit your wig, make sure to flatten your hair as it will look better. Make cornrows or flat buns and secure them with pins and gel. Also, before proceeding, make sure gel or hairspray is completely dry.

Use stocking cap: Put on a stocking cap to cover all your hair in it, even the hair on the nape of your neck. If you’ve no or very little hair, it is not necessary to follow this step.

Prep your skin: Please make sure your skin is in good shape. Use a light cleanser on your skin and pat it dry. Then, using cotton, apply little rubbing alcohol over the hairline. It will help you get rid of any extra oil on the skin. Also, apply scalp-protecting serum when you have delicate skin.

Wait for the serum to dry before proceeding.

How to put lace front wigs on

Evaluate the wig’s fit

Ensure the wig fits correctly before adding any chemicals. Put the wig on your forehead and align it with your receding hairline to do this. You might have to tweak the wig’s internal adjusting straps for a perfect fit. Contact the company for assistance if the wig isn’t fitting and there are no adjusting straps.

The wig is excessively tight if you can feel a circle of stress on your head. Gently adjust the straps.

Suppose the wig is too loose if it will move around as you turn your head. Straps should be tightened.


  1. Trim the lace to the desired length.
  2. Trim the lace after your wig is correctly fitted.
  3. Pull your hair out of the face with a couple of clips.
  4. Trim the lace over your hairline with keen pinking scissors.
  5. At least leave around 1/8 inch (3 mm) of lace behind.

You’ll just have to do this the initial time you put the wig on. [3] Some wigs may not require trimming before use. An extra lace at the front of the wig is less to non-existent in these wigs. Pinking shears are available at sewing supply stores.

Remove the wig:

Next, remove the wig and set it aside. Check what part of the wig will fit the hairline and what part will fit the nape of your neck.

Wig tape:

Use wig tape and apply it evenly across your hairline. Remove the foam padding and gently press the sticky tape across your hairline. To remove any loose gaps ensure all the tapes are touching.

Use liquid glue:

Some people don’t like to use tape and prefer liquid adhesive. You can use a brush to apply the liquid glue along your hairline. There are two types of glues. Suppose you’re using soft bond glue wait for a few minutes before applying your wig. If you use hard bond glue, you can apply your wig instantly.

Apply the wig:

The wig must be applied very carefully. It starts with the edges so that it matches the hairline. Set the wigs back so that it falls smoothly over your head. Finally, push the wig’s lace into the glue or wig tape.

It’s really difficult to remove the lace after it’s been pressed into the glue or wig tape. So make sure it is correctly positioned.

Tips: If your wig is made up of human hair, you can use all the types of equipment on it like hot styling tools, etc., but if it is made up of synthetic hair, avoid using hot styling tools.


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