How to Prepare a Perfect Human Rights Law Assignment


Human rights law is the subject that discusses the human rights of individuals and groups at regional, national, and international levels. If you are writing an assignment on human rights law, you must know its core principles to produce excellent research and writing work.

The subject lets us know the common rights of humans and the basic principles to protect them. This may include the study of local and international laws, different types of treaties, and other sources. Besides, it also tells us about the organizations working for the betterment of human rights all across the world.

How It All Began? Realization of Human Rights

War always brings deaths, sorrows, and painful memories.  Therefore, after Second World War, the world powers realized that there were massive human rights violations all across the world. Fortunately, some strong nations of the world came to a consensus that there must be human rights law to protect human rights all across the world.

One of the biggest achievements of the consensus was the formation of the United Nations or UN. Later UN took various steps which resulted in the formation of:

  • Human rights treaty bodies
  • UN Human Rights Council
  • Universal Periodic Reviews

Some other notable human rights watch organizations are:

  • African Commission on Human Rights
  • Arab Human Rights Committee
  • ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights
  • Council of Europe
  • European Commission on Human Rights
  • Inter-American Court of Human Rights
  • Organization of American States
  • Others

How Human Rights Laws Protect Humans?

Basic Right to Live 

  • Every human being in this world has the equal right to live and enjoy natural resources. So if you are a human, your life is your commodity and nobody has the right to kill you.
  • If someone has committed a crime, he must face punishment from the authority of the country as per their judicial system. Hence no other individual can take the law in hand and kill someone.

Torture Free World

International organization of human rights has prohibited the use of physical torture tactics on humans. Therefore, harsh physical torture is considered an inhuman pressure tactic.

  • Unfortunately, physical torture has become a weapon for interrogation purposes. However, this does not end here because many others use it for punishment, threat, and enjoyment.

Freedom From Slavery 

  • Slavery is still practiced in many parts of the world. Don’t you believe it? Unfortunately, it is true. Powerful individuals and groups are still making poor and weak people their slaves in various parts of the world.
  • Human Rights Declaration Article 4 gives the guarantee that no human can be put under slavery. Therefore, the world can enjoy complete freedom from slavery.

Freedom of Speech

  • As per human rights principles, every single human has the right to speak up his or her mind. They can say it all what they think, see or believe. However, there are still some limitations and one must abide by those limitations.
  • These limitations make sure that the people don’t use any language that may cause incitement. Besides, they cannot use slander and obscenity language.

Freedom to Practice Religion

  • Every individual and group can practice their religion freely. In fact, they can worship as per their own religious teachings.
  • Countrymen welcomed religious freedom in America, United Kingdom, Canada, and many other countries. Unfortunately, many parts of the world are yet not ready to give complete religious freedom.

Right to Enjoy Fair Trial

  • Every country has its own law to ensure peace and prosperity within its own territory. However, international human rights law gives everyone the right to avail fair trial.
  • It is upon your country’s judicial system that how fair it is and how one can take advantage of it. This right has always been a blessing for foreigners, immigrants, refugees, and war-prisoners.

Basic Format of a Convincing Assignment on Human Right Law

A basic format for writing a convincing assignment on human rights is given as follow for your ease:


The introduction, as the name itself suggests, provides the basic overview of the actual problem. The reader takes an idea from the introduction that what he is going to read in the detailed section.

Relevant Law

You must do some research to find out relevant national and international laws to prove your arguments.

Political Impact

In most cases, human rights violations have connections with the political segments of the region. Hence you must try to explain what is or will be the political impact on the human rights situation.


When you highlight a problem in your assignment, you must propose a solution as well. Therefore, your research must bring you a solution that fits best to resolve the situation.


In the conclusion section, sum up your discussion with a solid solution to the prevailing problem. A discussion without a solution will leave your readers unhappy and disappointed.


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