How to Prep Up Your Home for Monsoon: Five Wise Habits


Spring is on the verge and before you get to see the warm, shiny sun again, you have to endure some rain and face the challenges it brings along. There are possibilities of a flooded basement and leaks in your ceilings, and water blockage over and around the house as well. Such issues are not only going to be troublesome for your routine but also for the structural integrity of your house too.

So, before the next storm hits, prepare your home and take all the necessary precautionary measures. You can learn some of them as listed below –

  1. Inspect Your Roof

Your house roofing is the first thing that takes a hit during heavy rainfall. There can be minor damages and some serious leaks any time. There can be water penetration into the interior walls and the formation of large-scale mold.

These damages can get expensive if ignored, so you better beware and assess your roofing beforehand. Make sure it is in a condition to withstand the Canadian monsoons.

  1. Check Your Sewage and Gutters

The drainage system of your home has to be in a perfect state to bear gallons of water that accumulate due to a heavy downpour. You don’t want the rainwater to mess with your foundation or clog your pipelines.

So, clean your gutters and call for a plumber to ensure there is no blockage in the sewage pipes of drainage around your premises.

  1. Waterproof Your Basement Walls

Waterproofing, as the name suggests, is a technique used to prevent water from penetrating the walls from outside. And because basements are more prone to leaking walls, using the waterproof method becomes is a mandatory thing.

It can help you prevent water through cracks and further reduce the chances of any structural damage or moisture-related problems.

  1. Repair or Replace Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are other ways that rainwater enters your home. Even a slightest crack or gap isn’t spared and can cause flooding inside your bedrooms and living areas if you are not careful. You are spared from this nuisance if you have new windows and doors but not in case they are old.

To ensure full-proof protection and energy efficiency, you definitely need to fix this issue or replace your windows and doors altogether. There are plenty of showrooms in the city to provide you with options that are visually appealing and can act as a robust shield as well.

  1. Place Umbrella and Footwear Outside

This may sound like a very small change but putting off your footwear and umbrella outside the house as whenever someone enters can be pretty helpful in keeping muddy water, dirt, and germs at bay. Besides, there is less mess to deal with and ultimately little cleaning to do.

Also, consider placing a high-quality water-absorbent rug at the entrance so that you don’t get any infections inside.


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